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This weeks updates…

Posted on 23 June 2012 by robertflournoy

Saddleback Food Pantry was Blessed last week from L&F x10 by picking up Donations from

The Original Manassero Farms for their families they serve. According to the Food Pantry Manager

they received 788 lbs of fresh mixed produce Monday through Thursday.


Saddleback Church Food Pantry continues to be a strong supporter of L&F x10.


Pastor Glenn of  “Hands Of Mercy Encounter in Santa Ana was also a recipient of Donations that

week. Pastor Glenn picked up Donations from Ted Thacker of Thackerberry Farms and also received

Manassero Donations as well.


This week we were busy getting back in to the swing of things with daily pick ups from Manassero

and some from Ted Thacker.

Tomorrow June 23rd we will be gleaning Green Beans again for low income families in Orange

County. We have had great feed back about the experience volunteers are having gleaning for

the Community. Monday the President has a meeting with one of the biggest Food Banks in our

Country about partnering on gleaning projects. We will keep you updated on how that goes.


Ted Thacker of Thackerberry Farms Donated 5 flats of Strawberries to California  State Senator Lou Correa

young Senators event Saturday 23rd. This event will discuss about legislation and the Budget .


We invite you to come and be a part of what we are doing to help stomp out Hunger in

Orange County with our gleaning projects. Invite your friends,organizations,businesses

to be a part of itThe more volunteers the more we can feed the Community.


Thank You

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