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It’s Been Hot And Rainy In Orange County But We Have Donated Thousands Of Pounds In The Last Two Weeks…

Posted on 21 September 2015 by robertflournoy


9037 2

9037 3

Rain and more rain was what we have had in the last to weeks. The rain is good

for the farms and very good for the community but for donations from the farm it was

somewhat difficult for trucks because they couldn’t get on the field because it was to muddy

but still we got the job done. Heart Of Compassion a Food Bank based in Los Angeles County

came down at 6:am the next morning after it rained the night before and picked up

6,000 lbs of fresh zucchini for the families they serve in L.A… H.O.C serves around one

million and twenty five thousand people a year.

saddleback food pantry 2

saddleback food pantry 3

saddleback rect 915

Saddleback Church Food Pantry a long time friend of Loaves and Fishes x10 came

buy the farm and picked up 800 lbs of produce for their food distribution the next

day. Saddleback Church has a great distribution program in South County. They

also have the Peace Center that helps family’s.

south orange county


North Orange County

North Orange County Regional Health Foundation was wanting fresh zucchini to

pick up from the farm. This organization holds health fairs for families and

just happens to have one coming up in October. All services are free to the public.


sc 9152


david and jacob

David Deleon and his son Jacob have been a big help with loading produce from

the farm and unloading at the Food Bank. These two have been a great asset to the

organization by giving their time and service. We will continue to fight hunger

with our Orange County farmers. We cannot give fresh picked produce to families

unless these farmers continue to trust us with their life work.

oc ffod bank rect 9153

od food bank 10

Mission 1

mission 2


Check Out The Presidents New Single…

YouTube Preview Image






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It Just Keeps Coming (9,226 lbs) Last Week..

Posted on 22 June 2015 by robertflournoy

hand shake

What another productive week distributing to Food Banks and not just in Orange

County but to Food Banks in general. Orange County Food Bank was one of

the biggest Food Banks last week to receive  farm fresh produce from our Orange

County farmers. Bryk seen here with the president of Loaves and Fishe x10 has

been very helpful in getting the donated produce out of the van.

foofd bank

61615 1


The Los Angeles Food Bank was another recipient of produce from The Original

Manassero Farms. Through our contacts we  were able to send over 1,808 lbs to

the Food Bank. This was the first time we have ever donated to this great organization

helping to stomp out hunger in their area.

lalos angeles food bankla food

Serve The People another organization in Santa Ana serves between 200 to 500

people every to weeks. Drivers will either come out to the farm to pick up or we

will deliver to them like we did last week. We were able to deliver around 1,300

lbs to them last Friday.


We will continue to donate to these great organizations because we see what great

things they are doing to help the community.


YouTube Preview Image



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We Have Our Total for Two Weeks… (15,063 lbs)

Posted on 13 June 2015 by robertflournoy

9000 1










This week has been our biggest donation yet of fresh zucchini and yellow squash.

We really were overwhelmed with the amount of produce that came from the field.

With an average of 1,500 to 2,000 lbs every two weeks its no wonder we

donated over 15,063 lbs in two weeks to Food Banks.

9000 2








9000 3










Orange County Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County Rescue

Mission, The Santa Ana Food Bank, Serve The People and Hands Of Mercy

Encounter have all been recipients of this great blessing.

food 1


YouTube Preview Image




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Meet Our Orange County Farmers…

Posted on 19 January 2015 by robertflournoy

The Original Manassero Farms – Orange County’s Best Strawberry and Farmers Market

I am proud to be part of a third generation farming family in Orange County. My grandfather, James Manassero, came to Orange County via Italy and began farming here in 1922.

During high school and college I started working for my father Steve Manassero Sr. and my uncle Emille Boisseranc Jr. At that time they were farming under the name Boisseranc-Manassero.

In 1976 my brother, Steve, and I started farming under the name Manassero Farms. Although my brother went out on his own years ago, I am happy to still be farming some 38 years later under the name – The Original Manassero Farms.
During the years of working with my father and uncle I learned how to grow the most delectable, juicy, strawberries in Orange County. Our berries are picked every morning at the height of ripeness and hand delivered to our stands from one of our local fields.

I am proud to carry on the tradition of local, sustainable farming and providing our community with the very freshest produce.

I thank you for your business and support during these 38 years. It is my sincere hope that you will literally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Dan Manassero ~ Founder


A.G. and Matthew Kawamura are third generation growers and shippers of fresh produce who farm along and within the urban boundaries of Orange County, California. Their company, Orange County Produce, LLC engages in year around production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. They have also worked creatively to resolve hunger and nutrition problems in their community and to educate the public about the art and science of farming and the challenges facing our food systems.

A.G. and Matt’s grandparents came to California from Japan around the turn of the century and became involved in agriculture, doing everything from picking and packing oranges to sharecropping before starting a small fertilizer and farm supply company. During WWII, their families were relocated to an internment camp in Arizona. They remained there after the war for a short time and began the Western Marketing Company, growing and shipping fresh produce – lettuce, cabbage, celery and cantaloupes. By the end of the fifties Western Marketing Company had operations in three regions: Glendale, Arizona; San Diego, Ca. and Compton, Ca.

It was their father who decided to consolidate the operations and bring the family to Orange County in 1958. At that time, Orange County was still a very rural community where farmers grew oranges, walnuts, tomatoes, lima beans, asparagus, some strawberries and other vegetable and horticulture crops. By the end of the 1970’s, as Orange County became increasingly urbanized, many of the growers had sold their land and moved on. High costs of production and skyrocketing real estate prices made it financially prohibitive to grow many of the traditional crops in a competitive market. Those growers that remained were leasing most of their land from large landowners (The Irvine Company, Baker and O’Neal Ranches) and from the various military bases around the county. The main fresh produce crops that have survived are strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green beans.

Many people originally moved to Orange County because of its rural character. For the Kawamura family the goal is still the same. In 1994, they changed their company name to Orange County Produce because of their belief that Orange County still wants to participate in its agricultural heritage. They believe in a “food shed” where the local production of fruits and vegetables is a viable and important part of what the residents of the county want and need. Domestic food security is more than a national movement…It is the common sense philosophy that food produced and consumed locally has multiple benefits for society, the economy and the environment. They are proud that their 53 years of farming activities in OC reflect and embrace their understanding of sustainability and community. It is their goal and vision to continue to be a primary source of nutritious, seasonal produce for the residents of Southern California.


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Green Beans Anybody…

Posted on 28 October 2014 by robertflournoy

newsletter2015 2

Time 9:am to 11:am


ADDRESS …Irvine Valley College

                            5500 Irvine Center Drive                                  TIME: 9:am-11:am

                            Irvine  Ca, 9261

DIRECTIONS…405 S. Exit Jeffrey and turn (left)/Go straight until you get to light called

Irvine Valley and turn right into the College and an immediate right follow the road and

park straight in the dirt in front of you. 

DIRECTIONS5 North exit Jeffrey and go left pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called

Irvine Valley and turn left and follow the same directions as above.

DIRECTIONS5 South Exit Jeffrey and follow the road to the Jeffrey light turn left and 

go pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called Irvine Valley and follow the

same directions as above.

green beans 2


Clothes to wear  Volunteers should wear closed toe shoes,long shirts,hats,gloves and pants

to protect themselves.


Waiversmust be signed before you can glean unless you have already signed one for this year.


Transportation…Organizations coming to glean must have their own transportation to take

back their gleaned produce…organizations,volunteers can park their vehicle

 next to the field.


Link to download waiver.. 



YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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13,069 lbs Busy This Week…

Posted on 18 October 2014 by robertflournoy












All we can say is The Original Manassero Farms continues to be a blessing in theses times where hunger

is so real. Fresh zucchini continues to flow through Loaves and Fishes x10 to food banks and pantries

donated by the Manassero’s in quantities. Regional Health Foundation came by this week for the first time to pick up produce for their event this weekend. We are always excited to donate produce

to support the community well being.






























YouTube Preview Image



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Heart Of Compassion Who serves Over A Million People A Year Came Down To Pick lettuce…

Posted on 09 May 2014 by robertflournoy

Heart Of Compassion for the last three years has been coming down from Los Angeles

County to pick,glean from our Orange County farmers for their food bank.

They also come down once a week to pick up fresh picked cucumbers donated from

The original Manassero farms. Almost 6,000 lbs of fresh lettuce was picked from the

Hydroponic system at The Great Park.

YouTube Preview Image


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We are finally back after two weeks of Internet issues…

Posted on 15 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Where do we began…Hmmm..ok Manassero as always continues to help feed the low income families

in Orange County California through his Donations of fresh produce from his Farm Land around the

County and they are getting bigger each week. Corn was delivered to South West Community Center

and Pastor Glenn of “Hands Of Mercy Encounter”


45 crates of corn…


Pastor Glenn from “Hands Of Mercy Encounter” who serves 3,000 people a month…



Pallet of Squash….

Half a pallet of Squash was Donated to “New Hope Assembly Of God”



“New Hope Assembly Of God” feeds the Homeless and families…


Yes we have been busy since the last time we posted what L&F x10 has been doing to help the

Community. Gleaning opportunities have been available at The Great Park including gleaning this  Saturday

21st and Sunday 22nd for Cucumbers. This will be our first time gleaning Cucumbers and we are believing

we will pull in many pounds for the Community.


Cucumbers straight from the Farm…

We will be very busy on the fields with Manassero’s continued support of Cucumbers . Organizations

look forward to them because they come straight from the field and not like many donations that are

trucked to the Warehouses and then to Food Banks. We can truly say it is a big Blessing to be able to

get them after there picked.


Grateful emails  continue to come in thanking us for the fresh produce but we give all the thanks

to Dan Manassero of “The Original Manssero Farms”



Thank you so much for all your generous donations. We so greatly appreciate you and caring to feed God’s people.

The families love all the fresh vegetables, fruits and beautiful strawberries that we have received.

We are feeding almost 4,000 people a month and because of you and helping us through this process Saddleback Church Food Pantry wants to thank you.

Continue your great work and letting us be a part of it.




Debbie Rusnak

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: svcc_lf-cntr-rgb_web

Saddleback Church Food Pantry

20131 Ellipse

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(949) 609-8624


Robert please pass this along to Dan Manassero…
Dear Dan
On behalf of Hands of Mercy and the many families and individuals who receive food from us on a daily basis I would like to thank you for your continued generousity in donating such awesome produce. Especially recently the cucumbers. They were incredible. Thanks Dan.
Glenn Whitaker
Executive Director
Hands of Mercy, Encounter!
1233 E. Warner Ave.,
Santa Ana, CA. 92705



I want to thank you and all of the volunteers that help glean the fields that supply us with all of the fresh fruit and vegetables.  Our veterans at the 10 houses enjoy getting fresh veggies and fruit now and then.  Please thank everyone involved from all of us here at Veterans First.


Linda Lomask


1540 East Edinger Avenue

Suite D

Santa Ana, CA  92705

(714) 547-0615

(714) 547-8678 – fax




Thank you so much for the 788 pounds of fresh strawberries from Manassero Farms for the week of 6-11 – 6-15.


The families loved the fresh strawberries and berries and all of the produce that was donated to Saddleback Church Food Pantry.


Thank you again Robert for your servants heart, we appreciate you!





We want to thank Manassero and AG Kawamura for opening up their Farm Land to our Organization.

It is our desire to work with other Farms around Orange County.

As always if you would like to help in our gleaning projects to fight hunger please contact us
at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com
Thank you.
Manassero’s Award last year for his support…Sorry volume affected


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L&F x10 Update for this week…

Posted on 29 June 2012 by robertflournoy

President Robert met with Sam from Second Harvest on Monday 25th to discuss collaborating

on gleaning projects on Orange County Produce Farm Land on the Great Park in Irvine. Sam is over

Second Harvest “The Incredible Edible Park” and also their Harvesting and gleaning projects. The

meeting went well with both the President and Sam agreeing to support each other on the projects.

With Second Harvest having over 6,000 volunteers the president felt that he could get the job done

on the fields.

We continue to stay busy as Dan donates daily to L&F x10 fresh produce from his Farm In Irvine.

Donations continue to support Food Pantries and also Organizations that cook daily for the community

Volunteers gleaned green beans Saturday 23rd for Veterans first and South West Community Center.

Beans were delivered on Monday 25th because both organizations are closed on the weekends.

Veterans First houses 120 Homeless vets while South West Community Center cooks for

over 4,800 people a month.


Manassero called the president this week to tell him he has Cucumbers he wanted to donate from his

fields and that crates were needed to put the Cucumbers in.

We learned one thing receiving Donations from Farm Lands and that is  people can

be very picky about how their produce looks before they buy it. We know that Farmers will pick

what seems right for the market and what they feel is acceptable to the consumer. We thank the

Lord he has open the door for us to be able to Harvest and glean. Manassero has Donated

over 164 crates of Cucumbers to L&F x10 which then have been distributed to Organizations.


We have been able to support with Cucumbers three Organizations that feed around 8 to 10,000 people

combined per month. We are very excited we were able to help put food on their tables and we will

continue to do so with the help from our friends.




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The taste of The Original Manassero Farms Sweet White Corn…

Posted on 19 June 2012 by robertflournoy

What can we say about Manassero’s corn but it is something that has left many people talking about it.

Corn that was Donated to last years events like Senator Lou Correa Health Event,The First O.C Stand

Down in Santa Ana was so popular they were already hoping to be able to get it again this Summer.

Organizations like OCEA enjoyed BBQ it for the Stand Down which helped to feed Homeless Vets and

their families. Max Madrid from the Senators office cooked it at the Health Fair in Garden Grove which

fed around 500 people.

Last year Manssero Donated 42 crates of Corn x 40 per crate for Food Pantries and the only

transportation at the time that was available to load and deliver was the Presidents Honda. Can you

imagine loading 42 crates of Corn into a Honda and then driving it to a Food Pantry.

As you can see the car had corn coming out every where but that didn’t detour the president from

accomplishing his goal to deliver what the Lord had given him. I think sometimes he believe he is

a super hero with all the corn he gets Donated…


Could I be right….Hmmmm

Photo: Higher Contrast to give one to looks very Heroic


We are looking forward to growing our  relationship with Manassero this Summer as we receive Donations

and continue to glean his Farm Land.

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