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The Original Manassero Farms Continues To Help Stomp Out Hunger In 2015

Posted on 02 October 2015 by robertflournoy

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The Original Manassero Farms – Orange County’s Best Strawberry and Farmers Market

I am proud to be part of a third generation farming family in Orange County. My grandfather, James Manassero, came to Orange County via Italy and began farming here in 1922.

During high school and college I started working for my father Steve Manassero Sr. and my uncle Emille Boisseranc Jr. At that time they were farming under the name Boisseranc-Manassero.

In 1976 my brother, Steve, and I started farming under the name Manassero Farms. Although my brother went out on his own years ago, I am happy to still be farming some 39 years later under the name – The Original Manassero Farms.
During the years of working with my father and uncle I learned how to grow the most delectable, juicy, strawberries in Orange County. Our berries are picked every morning at the height of ripeness and hand delivered to our stands from one of our local fields.

I am proud to carry on the tradition of local, sustainable farming and providing our community with the very freshest produce.

I thank you for your business and support during these 38 years. It is my sincere hope that you will literally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Dan Manassero ~ Founder
The Original Manassero Farms

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Charitable Donations

The Original Manassero Farms has partnered with Loaves and Fishesx10 to stomp out hunger through their ongoing gleaning/harvesting projects.


Loaves and Fishesx10 deliver donations to food pantries around Orange County to glean/harvest free, fresh produce for the low income communities they serve. Loaves and Fishesx10 also partners with local food banks to arrange for community food distributions that help provide families with a week’s worth of food. If you would like to join the cause or learn more contact Robert Flournoy at www.loavesandfishesX10.com


About Us

The Original Manassero Farms – Orange County’s Best Strawberry Grower and Produce Markets

Dan is part of a third generation farming family in Orange County. His grandfather, James Manassero, came to Orange County via Italy and began farming here in 1922.
Since 1976, Dan Manassero, has been putting all the wonderful farming techniques he learned from year of working with his father, Steve, and uncle, Emille, to good use. Carrying on his strong family ethic of sustainable, local, farming. Dan is pleased to provide the freshest, sweetest, certified organic and conventionally grown strawberries and other produce to the community.


Why we sell what we sell:

We are pleased to welcome you to the home of The Original Manassero Farms. After years of selling our fresh, delicious products at our markets we are pleased to be able to share our most popular items with you online.

We have 5 retail locations throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. With years of feedback and lots of “first hand” taste testing we stand behind everything we offer to you.

Our staff personally hand pack each order and offer a 100% money back guarantee.





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6,000 lbs Last Week Of fresh Produce…..

Posted on 06 July 2015 by robertflournoy

in the squash 2

Last week the president donated over 6,000 lbs of fresh squash to Orange County

Food Banks. The Original Manassero Farms continues to support the fight against

hunger through their partnership with Loaves and Fishes x10. The president seen

here in the squash field was looking over Manassero’s field in awe of how much

fresh produce is out there.

in the squash 6

in the squash 7

Over 2,601 lbs of squash was donated to Second Harvest last week and seen here

is one of the donation slips. We have donated quite a bit to this organization as well

as the Orange County Food Bank. 3,206 lbs was donated to the OC Food Bank last week

to support their fight against hunger as well.

in the squash 3

in the squash 4

in the squash 5

We will continue to support our partners as long as we possibly can because fighting

hunger will always be our number one goal.


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