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50 High School Students Served…

Posted on 29 February 2016 by robertflournoy

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It was a month of preparing for the event Loaves and Fishes 10 and Impact OC had in partnership with Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana High School PTSA, Jovenes Nobles and CHICO. 50 students that were given groceries were chosen by their income status and also were referred to by other teachers that know the student’s needs. Elizabeth Mejia and Rosie Alatorre were a great help in putting together this great event for the students.

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Parent volunteers were ready to bag up produce that was donated by food banks for the event so that each students would receive one bag of produce and one bag of drinks. We gave out onions, oranges, chili’s, potatoes, avocado’s, pears and much more.

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Volunteers were very excited to be a part of this event because they were able to support the students at Santa Ana High School where their kids go as well . This was a great event for Impact OC organization who’s models is “Supporting the Community in Unity” with resources each member brings to the table.

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Families were very grateful for the assistance given to them from the distribution especially

in times when it is needed. It is always a good day when we can come together and  show

our community that there are people who care about their well being. We could not

have pulled this off without the collaboration between organization that have a heart

for the community. Impact OC is an organization ready to step up to the plate and do its

part to support the community with as many resources as possible. We are a group of people

with passion and integrity determined to see the families in our community receive what

everyone else wants and that is security in their life and in their families lives.


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