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WOW!!! What An Event At Santa Ana High School In California…

Posted on 23 December 2015 by robertflournoy

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On December 2oth at Santa Ana High School over 50 or more volunteers unloaded,

prepared and set up one of the greatest events in 2015. 100 students from 20 schools

were invited to participate in receiving a Christmas box filled with ham and all the

sides for their families. Loaves and Fishes x10, Santa Ana PTA and Santa Ana High

School lead by principal Jeff Bishop put together an event like never before at least that

we know of in Santa Ana. Families were invited into the small theater where they

received the boxes donated by The Vikings Of Orange County.

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Each kid that participated was chosen by the PTA member over the school they

represent. Members chose students according to who was in need the most. This was

the best way to do it because of how many students are in the schools they cover. Families

came in very excited about being able to take home a Christmas dinner with all the

trimmings provided by The Vikings Of Orange County  organization who donated over

1,600 boxes that morning to various non profits.

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Not only were boxes given away to families but toys were raffled off for free as well. You

should have seen how the students reacted when they new they had the opportunity to receive

a free toy or doll. Parents and students both had the look on their face of expectation.

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This truly was a great event and we couldn’t have done it without principal Jeff Bishop

of Santa Ana High School,David Deleon of the PTA, PTA members,Impact OC

but especially the donation of boxes from The Vikings Of Orange County.

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