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We Have Been Busy The Last Two Weeks…

Posted on 13 June 2015 by robertflournoy

ronald satAnother great weekend with volunteers picking more oranges at the Ronald

McDonald House. This time we picked over 402 lbs for Food Banks. All them

oranges with the leaves on them looking pretty delicious. Volunteers really

seem to enjoy themselves at the house this morning.

ron 2












ron 3














David and Vince put their shoulders into it and picked some of the sweetest

oranges you will ever taste. These oranges would bust open if they fell on the

ground or dropped them t in the crates.

ron 6









As usual during the last hour volunteers will clean up around the orange

trees. Many oranges will fall on the ground and volunteers do their best

leave an lasting impression by cleaning up the area.









ron 5









YouTube Preview Image


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Picking Oranges At The Ronald McDonald House…

Posted on 08 June 2015 by robertflournoy

oranges 3


What a great day we had at the Ronald McDonald House Saturday picking oranges. A

group of 10 volunteers came out including unit 6 Navy Recruiting office from San Diego.

This is the third year the Ronald McDonald House let our organization pick their oranges

for Food Banks. This year so far we picked over 700 lbs of fresh oranges for families and

plan to go back and pick the rest.

oranges 4

oranges 5

It was fun as usual and all the volunteers enjoyed themselves including he president

who was not picking but was raking up around the orange trees. navy 6

Division 6 Honey Badgers came out and did a great job but what do you expect when the

Recruiting office comes out. These guys really know how to get it done and it showed Saturday.

navy 7

navy 4



David Deleon from the Kiwanis club came out with his family and enjoyed the Sunny

day helping out as well. David has been a strong support of Loaves and Fishes x10.



YouTube Preview Image


We would like to thank all the volunteers once again who came out and helped

to pick the oranges at the Ronald McDonald House this past weekend.


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