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Buying Produce from The Original Manassero Farms/Manassero Donates 250,000 lbs of Fresh Produce in 2012..

Posted on 17 November 2012 by robertflournoy

Some of our Orange County Farmers are making produce available so that we can continue to help fight Hunger in Orange County with Fresh Produce from their fields and we would like to take full advantage of this great opportunity by allowing you to take part in this by donating to our organization to help purchase  produce for our low income and poor in our community


At times great opportunities arise during our quest to help serve our community and Dan Manassero of “The Original Manassero Farms”has opened one up for our

Organization to buy produce at a low price. On this page you will see the produce and prices in two stages. The price of number one’s and the price of number two’s.



1. Number one’s are considered what all of us will find in your Grocery   

    Markets which are usually pretty and formed to fit what we like.


2. Number two’s are not so pretty and they may not look so formed as we would

    like to see them but they are just as edible as the number one’s which is why we

    are able to buy them at such a low price from our Orange County Farmers







                                                                (Buying Produce from “The Original Manassero Farms”)


Strawberries–   (No.1’s)-$8 to $14 per 12lbs Flat

( No.2’s)-$3 to $5 per 12lbs Flat


Corn-   (No.1’s)-$14 Dollars for 40 Ears

(No.2’s)-$6 Dollars for 40 Ears


Cucumbers Organic-   (No.2’s)-$8 for 25lbs


Squash-   (No.1’s)-$10 for 25lbs

(No.2’s)-$5 for 25lbs


Cantaloupe-   ( 9 to 12 Count $14 Dollars)


Watermelons-  (6 Count $14 Dollars)


Green Beans-   (No.1’’)-$24 Dollars for 30 lbs)

( No.2’s)-$10 Dollars for 30 lbs)


Video with Manassero talking about L&F x10 buying Produce…


Next years Organic Strawberries…

More down the street…

Squash Field…


Contact Information:

Robert Flournoy


Loaves and Fishes x10




Dan Manassero Award for his contribution to the Irvine Valley College Students…




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