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Gleaning Green Beans Saturday 9th from 9:am to 11:am

Posted on 23 May 2012 by robertflournoy

Saturday June 9th is the date to set a side to help feed the Community through Farm Land gleaning.

We will be at Irvine Valley College gleaning on 6 acres of The Original Manassero Commercial Farm

Land. Come on out and be a part of what is happening in Orange County and help support the

low income families that are struggling to put food on their tables.


For waiver and more information you can contact us at… gleaningfarmland@gmail.com

Interview with Dan Manassero…

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Gleaning is on the way this Summer/Volunteers

Posted on 14 May 2012 by robertflournoy

With access to over 170 acres of produce in Irvine California we plan to have a busy Summer

with our gleaning projects. Organizations from around Orange County are gearing up to take part

in what will be an exciting time of Old Testament of gathering produce to help feed the Hungry

and poor in our Community.  President Robert Flournoy has already spoken to A.G Kawamura

of “Orange County Produce” and Dan Manassero of “The Original Manassero Farms” about what will

be coming up to glean. We will be gleaninhg Green Beans at the end of this month or the beginning of

next.  L&F x10 also has a meeting with “Circle K” a student volunteer group who is excited about

partnering with us.

Orange County Register….


If you would like to take part and be a Blessing in the Community this Summer you can contact

the President at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com or 714-718-2930.


In other news…We have representatives talking to Farmers farther North about L&F x10

gleaning their Farm Land and we hope by the Grace of God the Doors will be open up there. Our

goal is to glean ourselves or develop a team down there.

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2011 and 2012 Gleaning Videos on The Original Manassero Farms and Orange County Produce

Posted on 17 April 2012 by robertflournoy

The Original Manassero Farms…













Orange County Produce Videos…











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Gleaning at The Great Park Saturday 14th from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Posted on 04 April 2012 by robertflournoy

Hello everyone
We are cleared to glean on Saturday the 14th from 12pm to 3pm. This will be
our first time gleaning Cabbage so I’m not sure just what to use to cut it off the vine but I am assuming we can use pruning sheers or even a butter nife. If kids come  to participate I would  like them to help their parents I don’t want them to cut any produce.

I have been told their is a lot of acres to glean. I plan to have a meeting with Tom Larson Wednesday at The Great Park to go over details. I am hoping to get 60 to 100 volunteers for this project. Tom is making sure we have enough parking for 50 cars. I will see if you can park your van,truck etc you plan to use somewhere close to the field.
I would like each group to have their own person who will count and weigh their produce.

Bring boxes or crates if you can or if you don’t have any I can issue small folding crates that should hold 5 to 6 cabbage depending on the size. Organizations will have to meet me at an associates Warehouse in Santa Ana before the Saturday gleaning. Let me know if you will need any ASAP.
As always if you don’t have a waiver I will email you one for all volunteers to sign.
This is a requirement before anyone can get on the field. This will be the first of many opportunities this Summer to help feed the Community through Commercial Farm land gleaning.

Volunteers should wear long shirts,closed toe shoes,pants, gloves and hat if possible. They should also bring water. I will have an canopy for any volunteer that may want shade.

I will get back to you with Directions and where we are going to glean on the field.
I plan to video tape the field and then send it to everyone when I meet with Tom..


If you haven’t had the opportunity to see one of our gleaning videos I have attached a link of

it and also a segment done by VIDA TV 62-3 a Christian Station in LA.




While your add it take a look at the top right side there is a segment

on Univision done by VIDA TV-62-3 on our gleaning on The Original Manassero Farms

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Making contacts for our Summer gleaning projects…

Posted on 03 April 2012 by robertflournoy

As we get closer to the Summer we are making more contacts with non profits and Organizations

about getting involved in the gleaning projects we will be doing on The Original Manassero Farms

and Orange County Produce on The Great Park in Irvine. The President has been in contact with

A.G Kawamura owner of O.C Produce and Dan Manassero on the dates we can glean their farms

for the Food Pantries in Orange County. According to A.G we will have cabbage coming up soon.


On another note we have been told gleaning is going on up North on Farm Lands but we

don’t know if they are non profits or just concerned people trying to stop out  hunger but we

are glad they are also taking feeding the Community to the next level.

We gleaned in 2011 at The Great Park 1,200 lbs of Green Beans in 2 hrs with 60 volunteers. 275 lbs went

to Families Forward of Irvine to help feed the families they house in Irvine. Families Forward

will be coming out this Summer again to support these families.

Saddleback volunteers came out in force as usual and it was great to see that many being that

it was our first Sunday gleaning on The Great Park. Volunteers gleaned 975 lbs for the low income

families that come to their Food Pantries. They serve around 600 families per month at

their Food Pantry in Laguna Niguel.


We are looking forward to seeing Organizations come together in unity for one thing

and that is to feed the Community by taking it to a different level. If you know of any Organization

that may want to participate you can contact me at loavesandfishesx10@yahoo.com

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Testimonials of volunteers who came out to glean on Farm Land last Summer 2011

Posted on 26 March 2012 by robertflournoy


Aisha S.

Making a Difference

It is truly a blessing to have Loaves and Fishes x10 making a difference to hundreds of families in Orange County – ministering/feeding to those in need. In just a few hours of my time contributing to picking oranges, I am heart-filled that it provided to many families, and I am thankful for what God is doing through this ministry. Thank God for giving Robert the strength and wisdom dedicated to a great ministry that’s making a difference to the community.

Gleaning for the hungry

Rana M.

Loaves and Fishes is wonderful organization that Saddleback Church Food Pantry partners with. Robert, their leader, has organized many gleaning activities where the church volunteers have been able to pick beautiful produce for families in need. He has strong faith and it is obvious that God is blessing his ministry. Last year, we received through gleaning and donations over 4,000 pounds of fresh produce. We are looking forward to partnering with Loaves and Fishes X10 again this year. Rana Saddleback Church Food Pantry Manager



I consider myself most fortunate for being able to go to a farmer’s field on a Saturday morning and pick veggies for those in need. God gave me strength to help others. God gave me time so that I could pick fresh produce so others could eat. God gave me hands so that I can honor Him by working. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful cause. I did not spend all day and night, just a few hours of my time, but I gotta tell you, in those few hours I picked hundreds of pounds of good nutritious food for those who need it most. You know you can read in the Bible about giving to others and being kind to the poor. But when you actually participate, those verses come alive. Thank you Robert for inviting me. I am most grateful.


Great Ministry

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Robert in doing some food distributions. It was amazing to see people coming to the Lord’s presence when they were shown love by this act that has a great meaning. It didn’t matter if they were from different religions or backgrounds. I also had the great opportunity to go gleaning with him and it is most defenitely feels like you’re making a difference in the atmosphere. I felt like something in the air of the environment was changing. I encourage for anybody who wants to be blessed, join in! I pray this verse that it’ll become reality for Robert. Much respect God bless!

Proverbs 11:25
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


Gleaning in the OC

Loaves and Fishes X 10 is truly a blessing to the OC. What a great concept. I have seen them at work, and they do what they say…Glean local farms and donate the fresh produce to local food pantry’s to help provide nutritional food for families that are in need. God bless this organization and keep up the great work.


When I was Hungry you Fed me…(Matthew 25:35)

Every since I’ve met Loaves and Fishes x10 over 5-years-ago+ my life has never been the same! This organization has a heart for “ALL” people. I’ve known them to reach out the lest fortunate, men, woman and children. I can’t say that they are like your ordinary food pantry or local food bank, because this organization has the ability to connect on a higher level with it’s receivers and participants. They have not only offered food, clothing, toys, etc., but they go beyond the call of duty to make sure the people have a relationship with God which is the most important spiritual food you can give a person. Physical food is essential for the human body, but spiritual food is vital for our eternal soul. I’m reminded of a little parable that says: “Give a man a fish and he won’t starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won’t starve for his entire life.” author unknown. I shared that parable to say this about Loaves and Fishes X10 that they are using the same concept when they are teaching people how to plant their own harvest then turn around and glean plenty for different organizations they distribute to. Yes, I do know for a fact that this organization is not only concerned that you are fed in the natural, but your soul is fed in spiritual realm as well. If I had to pick one scripture in the bible to describe Fishes and Loves X10, I would choose Revelations 7:1 Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. This organization is personally connected to each project therefore you really feel the ‘LOVE” and passion that flows when they are doing the work that they “LOVE” to do and has been chosen by God to carry out their vision. My prayer is that this organization continue to be blessed as they bless “ALL” people, and make it nationwide that they may be known all around the world. This organization does know that they will NOT receive their ultimate reward from man down here, but they are fully aware of whom they work for and know that when they arrive in heaven, there’s a crown waiting just for them with their name on it for being so diligent and a blessing to God’s people.



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Summer gleaning projects 2012

Posted on 16 February 2012 by robertflournoy

Summer is quickly approaching and L&F x10 is preparing for an exciting

time of gleaning with Food Pantries and other organizations from around Orange

County. This is the time when Mothers,Fathers,Daughters,Sons, Grand Fathers

and Grand Mothers all come out to be a part of  this Old Testament time of picking

the produce after the Farmer to help support the poor and low income families.

If you are a Business,Non Profit,F00d Pantry or just a person that would like to

help serve the community by helping you can contact us at

loavesandfishesx10@yahoo.com. Our goal is to have 300 t0 500 volunteers

ready for the Summer. Last Summer we averaged 90 volunteers and gleaned

6,000 lbs of Green Beans and Christmas in 2011 with 20 volunteers we gleaned

2,300 lbs of Squash. With two Farm this Summer we expect much more produce.

Come join us and help us do our part to help stomp out Hunger in Orange County



Here are some Videos of our gleaning projects in 2011


Vida TV 62-3 Segment of L&F x10 gleaning


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Channel 62-3 Vida Tv Segment of our gleaning

Posted on 21 January 2012 by robertflournoy

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