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Last years write up of our gleaning project at the Great Park on Orange County Produce farm Land…

Posted on 06 February 2013 by robertflournoy

Its very exciting to see college students come out and give their time to help

feed the community. We had two groups come out on this particular day.


Circle K from Irvine Valley College…


Irvine Valley College Volley Ball…


Write up in the Orange County Register on one of our gleaning projects…


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Posted on 23 September 2012 by robertflournoy

Senior Gleaners, Inc. is a VOLUNTEER, nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping feed the hungry in 8 counties throughout Northeastern California

Senior Gleaners was founded on June 24, 1976.  Thirty retired seniors gathered to glean surplus fruits and vegetables from farmers ‘fields and orchards for their own use. The surplus were donated to a local soup kitchen. Using a private garage, food storage requirements of the organization were met by utilizingrefrigerators.  Over the years, as the amount of food substantially increased, we moved several times and continually upgraded our storage facilities with walk-in freezers and coolers.

Our organizational structure began with the founder who appointed several assistants to help distribute the food. As we developed people in the community offered volunteer and organizational assistance. We contacted food retailers and distributors and asked for their expired shelf-life food products and asked the farmers for their leftover produce after harvest.  Most began to donate on a regular basis.  The food was then sorted and channeled through our network of charitable organizations for distribution to feed the needy.


Senior Gleaners, Inc. is administered by a nine-member Board of Directors, and Advisory Board comprised of community leaders, and a large administrative staff who oversee our daily operations of retired volunteers.  We supply food and household products to 135 charities who distribute the food to the needy in our region.  In addition to food distributors, retailers, farmers and other sources of food support, or financial support comes from grants, direct mail solicitation and a Bingo operation.

We receive no federal, state or local funding, and we are not members of United Way. We rely, as we have since we were founded in1976, upon foundations, corporations, the private sector and concerned individuals for funding.

From the beginning we have insisted on fairness and equality, and have included in our Bylaws the following statement:

“No person shall  be excluded from participating in or benefiting from any activity of  this corporation by reason of race, creed, color, gender, religion or national origin.”

For 33 years Senior Gleaners, Inc. has successfully supplied food to 135 charitable organizations in Sacramento County and the outlying areas helping to feed over 3.5 million needy people. Hunger is a year round reality in our communities. We are doing what we can to lessen the pain associated with hunger and poverty.  Every loaf of bread, every carton of milk and every portion of fresh fruit or vegetables distributed to the hungry is a small step in that direction.

Our work and goal of feeding the hungry is essential and appreciated by our local charities and citizens in our region. We consider it a privilege to volunteer our time and talents to helping those less fortunate than ourselves, especially the children and the elderly, who benefit greatly from the work of Senior Gleaners, Inc.

We invite you to visit our facility at any time so that you may personally observe our operation.



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