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August 19th Groceries Distribution Was A Success…

Posted on 09 September 2016 by robertflournoy

agust 19

The morning was warm and the atmosphere was exciting as we arrived at the school

at 7:am in the morning. School employees had already began to set up canopies and

tables in the designated areas the donated product was suppose to go. As we waited

for the Forklift to be dropped off one of the trucks was on its way back from the

Orange County Food Bank with 12 pallets of food. Volunteers continued to show up

august 19 5

ready to separate the food when it arrives as well as count each item to make sure

that all 500 students expected will get the same amount of food for them and their


augsut 19 4

august 19 2

It was a great event and one to remember..



See Promotion Video From The Event…


See Video of Aerial Footage From The Event…



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Our April 8th Event In Partnersjhip With OC Impact,CATERINAS’CLUB,The Orange County Food Bank and Serve The People

Posted on 13 March 2016 by robertflournoy

flyer APRIL 8TH

We are very excited about the April 8th event in partnership with Impact OC,

CATARENA’S CLUB,Orange County Food Bank and Serve The People. Each

organization has put resources into this great event that will happen at Valley

High School located in Santa Ana. We plan to give away at least 4,ooo bags at

the event to help our struggling families.


We have procured over five pallets of water for our event from the “Santa And Food

Bank” We believe we have enough bottles to give each family at least five. We are

working on more drinks for each family.

2 palts pasta

pasta 1

pasta creates

Bruno Serato president of CATERINA’S CLUB donated four pallets of pasta. CATERINA’S

CLUB feeds over 1,800 children five days a week. Bruno is very well known for not letting

a child go hungry. We really appreciate his donations which also include clothes,candy and


pasta 2

pasta 0



As we get closer to the April 8th event we will be receiving can goods donated from “Serve The

People” and produce from the “Orange County Food Bank”.¬†All this makes for a great

event and a great day for the students and their families.



April 8th Event Page…



Personal Website Links…





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