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Certificates of Recognitions for work in the Community….

Posted on 16 September 2012 by robertflournoy











Letters of support…



Certificate given to the President from Santa Ana City Councilman David Benevides…


Certificate of Appreciation given to Dan Manassero for is support of Low Income Families.


Our first Distribution to the Student Vets and E.O.P.S students at Irvine Valley College…

Letter from Beep Colclough…
July 27, 2012
Dear Concerned Business Owner,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Extended Opportunity Programs and Services within the California Community College system. This Program serves very low income, educationally disadvantaged state residents of California that are registered as full time students. A subset of EOPS is the CARE Program serving single parents with children under age 14 who receive Welfare assistance. For comparison’s sake, Irvine Valley College serves around 16,000 students and EOPS is funded to serve only 429 students. With our limited funding, EOPS provides required textbooks, personalized counseling among lots of other services. My job is to help those at risk students with their various applications and explain the programs that would be available to help these at risk students come to school and succeed in their educational endeavors. I LOVE MY JOB!
Robert Flournoy is a co-worker here at Irvine Valley College that has been trying to bolster our resources for years now in service to our low income students and parents. He asked me to write a letter describing the needs our students face so he might better describe those needs to you as a potential donor. In my 17 years of service working with these students, I would have to say the most crucial piece of a student’s success is safe and stable housing followed by childcare (if needed) and financial resources for utilities, transportation, food and clothing.
In thinking how the community might rally to assist our most needy several ideas come to mind. If your business might provide housing assistance, student employment, or childcare…that would be beyond dreams! Less intensive, easier to accomplish ideas might include food drives, fundraising events and clothing drives. For example, donations of office/school supplies would greatly stretch our funding and give our students the boost of a new notebook and pen! The donation of a bus pass, gas card or grocery gift certificate would take stress away from a student recipient for the time being. Twice a year we have celebrations to acknowledge our students and we hold a free opportunity drawing for the attendees. Toward this drawing, any kind of merchandise would be very much appreciated. Donations would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax deductible letter from the IVC Foundation. If there is any question or ideas you would like to pursue, please don’t hesitate to call me at             (949) 451-5677      .
In humble appreciation,

Beep Colclough
EOPS Specialist


Darrly Cox…


My name is Darryl Cox. I am the Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs at Irvine Valley college. Your name and organization was forwarded to me by one of our campus employees, Mr. Robert Flournoy. Mr. Flournoy and his organization, “Loaves and Fishes x10” serve many needy people in the Santa Ana area.
Irvine Valley College has about 400 veteran students enrolled and we expect that as the wars in the middle east wind down,  many more will find their way to our campus. These individuals are facing many challenges as they make the transition from military life to educational endeavors. Many face the hardships of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), lack of housing, funding for the basic needs, employment, child care and family health services. In spite of it all, these young men and women are dedicated to achieving their goal of higher education and providing a better life for themselves and their families.
Irvine Valley College would like to partner with you and your organization to provide food distribution and services to our veterans. Most of these individuals are receiving VA educational benefits and/or federal student financial assistance. As such, their income level, household size, and resources can be verified. Most will fall below 150% of the established poverty line.
I’d like to talk to you more about our veterans, the services we offer and how we might partner with the Community Action Partnerships of Orange County and the Orange County Food Bank.
Darryl Cox
Director Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs
Irvine Valley College





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