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The President Of Loaves And Fishes x10 Takes Compassion To Another Level…

Posted on 22 March 2017 by robertflournoy

For the last year Loaves and Fishes x10 has taken the passion he has for fighting hunger

with families to the compassion of helping to create peace in the community. The president

has partnered with “Peace N Unity” ran by Mario and Trisha Morales of Santa Ana.

This organization is working with churches to help bring peace in the community. The

concept is to bring churches together in one accord in order to be more effective in

their vision to slow down the gang violence if not stop it all in general. Loaves and Fishes

x10 helps by donated groceries to the cause. Through our organization we use our networking

with food banks to help support this great mission. Through the network we are able to

help feed families in the gang related areas where there was gang violence. We also

in partnership with “Peace N Unity” plan and arrange venues where we not only give out

groceries but also provide resources for the families that attend the event.

Loaves and Fishes x10 president Robert Flournoy is always thinking of ways to better

support the vision of others especially when his heart has been captured by the mission

of the group he has partnered with. What he did was put together a group of ten people to

create a song called “NOW IS THE TIME’ this song was created to reach the community and

the world.

“NOW IS THE TIME” is a song deigned not to choose sides but to tell the world..

“Even if we don’t agree the same we don’t have to bring harm to each other… We can

agree to disagree. This song took many hours to complete and to get it right. The other

song “Time To Call On His Name”is another song created to help bring peace among the

gangs in the neighborhood. Both songs you can find for sale on Amazon.com

These songs are for sale to help support our ongoing efforts to bring peace into our community.

These monies will help support our venues and materials we need to make it a successful.


Below are the links to the songs on Amazon…


Time To Call ON His Name


Time To Call On His Name Video…

Please see the video we put together to introduce the song “Time To Call On His Name” to you and the world.  Our next two events are on April 29th,2017  and June 17th,2017

You can help us by two ways. (1. Please click on the Amazon links and Pre-order the song

or songs or you can wait until March 30th on the release date to buy one or both)

2. Please share this post with your Facebook friends and asked them to support what

we are doing to help bring peace into our community and the nation through both of’

these great songs.


Thank you.

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