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Santa Ana Community Walk…

Posted on 26 June 2016 by robertflournoy

comm 2

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What a great day when churches can come together in one accord and walk the

streets of Santa Ana delivering over 250 bags of groceries to families in streets

with high crime. Saturday the 18th churches and non-profits came together on

a very hot day to bless the community. Loaves and Fishes x10 participated

by donating produce and drinks to this event.

comm 6

comm 10

It all started two days before when the president of Loaves and Fishes x10 delivered

6 pallets of produce and drinks to one of Victory Outreaches homes in Santa Ana.

See Link To Food Drop Off…

There volunteers helped to unload the product and get it ready for the next day.

The president earlier on that day dropped off over 140 bags of groceries donated

by one of his friends who runs the organization called Theofficialnooneleftbehind.

These bags were a great help to the community.┬áLink To 140 Bags…

Volunteers unloaded bags and stored them for Saturdays walk in Santa Ana.

comm 4

comm 8

The group drove through the neighborhood on Saturday with the car club leading

the way alerting the community that we were there by sounding their alarms

which we thought was pretty cool. Families were coming out of their homes

and coming out to the streets waiving Hi to us as we drove through.


See Link To Low Riders And Community Distribution…

Volunteers walked for over three hours going door to door to support these families

with groceries and prayer for their families and the community. It was truly a great day

and a blessing for everyone who was involved in the walk. Although it was very

hot on that day the volunteers hung in there because they knew the need was there

and they wanted to show the neighborhood that not only did they care but also

that the church in general has not forgotten them.


Click On Link Below..


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Click On Link…



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Over 15,000 lbs Gleaned Within The Last Two Weeks..

Posted on 05 June 2016 by robertflournoy

10 bins 6

6416 10

Sweat,enthusiasm,hard work, and an agenda is what it takes to be able to gleaned 18 bins of

cabbage on two separate Saturdays. Volunteers as usual came out to the farm at the Great

Park ready to cut and load cabbage into the 24 foot Bobtail brought down by Heart of

Compassion a Montebello organization who serves many families. These days are becoming

familiar to the volunteers because they continue to come out on a Saturday to help stomp

out hunger with farm fresh produce donated by Orange County farmers.

6416 1

6416 6

This Saturday was a little different because the heat finally showed its face in a big

way. We had been gleaning with cloud cover for a few months but it looks like

Summer is right around the corner and the volunteers I’m sure could tell the difference.

Although the heat was definitely causing some discomfort and the bugs were out

in force we moved right along and filled 8 bins.

6416 3

Laura one of our greatest volunteers came across this HUGE cabbage in the field

that looked like it could weigh 15 lbs. Last weekend the president himself found one

that was pretty large as well. These are what we call gold nuggets in the field.


Here you see the president loading one of the many bins brought by Heart of Compassion.

We don’t get many pictures of the president while he is cutting or loading crates and that’s

because he has already been at the farm early in the morning cutting away and getting the

cabbage ready to be picked up by volunteers who show up. One thing he believes is that

the leader of any organization should be the first to show up and the last to leave especially

on the farm.


Link To Today’s Live Broadcast…

Link To Today’s Pictures…


dogoodbus organization Video…





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