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Archive | March, 2016

Directions To This Coming Saturday’s Gleaning Event At The Great Park…

Posted on 30 March 2016 by robertflournoy

cabbage 1

 Time- 9:am to 11:am

                                         Please try and show up at the fields by 8:45 am



If you have any questions contact me 714-718-2930


From 5 South Exit Sand Canyon and turn (Left) to Marine Way just pass the 5 over pass

Turn (Right) onto Marine Way and follow the road all the way to the end

Turn (Right) at the end and follow the road towards Second Harvest which will be on your

right at the stop sign…(You cant miss their building)


Continue straight pass the stop towards the palm trees which you can see straight ahead

of you. At the palm tress there will be a chain link fence go through it and continue to follow

the road.


On the left you will see strawberry fields coming up which means you are going the right way.

Continue to follow the road which will lead you to the left.


On your left side you will see more acres of produce so keep straight all the way to Alton street..

make sure you stop because that is a through street into the park.


After you stop don’t turn left continue straight across to the field about 100 yards down on your left



Clothing.. Long sleeves preferably,closed toe shoes,hats from heat,pants

                      bring water,


Waivers… Please have all waivers signed when you arrive at the cabbage field


late comers.. If late comers are lost and call you after 9:15 pm.. please tell them not to look for you but to wait until the next event. As usual safety is the biggest concern.



Thank you guys for all your support.








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Gleaning Cabbage Opportunity..

Posted on 13 March 2016 by robertflournoy


We are looking at gleaning cabbage soon at the Great Park. AG Kawamura owner

of Orange County Produce once again will open his fields to gleaning projects. These

gleaning projects produce a lot of great food for Food Banks,Food Pantries, Churches

and Soup Kitchens. All volunteers after their two hours of gleaning will take home

some produce for their families. This is our way of saying thank you for coming out

and supporting Loaves and Fishes x10 in the fight against hunger.



Vince Cooper and his son testimony

Harvesting Cabbage



Bringing In The harvest One More Time

Flournoy Gives Away Food


News Paper…

Volunteers Harvest In Irvine

OC Register On Cabbage Gleaning



Personal Website


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Our April 8th Event In Partnersjhip With OC Impact,CATERINAS’CLUB,The Orange County Food Bank and Serve The People

Posted on 13 March 2016 by robertflournoy

flyer APRIL 8TH

We are very excited about the April 8th event in partnership with Impact OC,

CATARENA’S CLUB,Orange County Food Bank and Serve The People. Each

organization has put resources into this great event that will happen at Valley

High School located in Santa Ana. We plan to give away at least 4,ooo bags at

the event to help our struggling families.


We have procured over five pallets of water for our event from the “Santa And Food

Bank” We believe we have enough bottles to give each family at least five. We are

working on more drinks for each family.

2 palts pasta

pasta 1

pasta creates

Bruno Serato president of CATERINA’S CLUB donated four pallets of pasta. CATERINA’S

CLUB feeds over 1,800 children five days a week. Bruno is very well known for not letting

a child go hungry. We really appreciate his donations which also include clothes,candy and


pasta 2

pasta 0



As we get closer to the April 8th event we will be receiving can goods donated from “Serve The

People” and produce from the “Orange County Food Bank”. All this makes for a great

event and a great day for the students and their families.



April 8th Event Page…



Personal Website Links…





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