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Receiving My California Senate Resolution September 21st 2013…

Posted on 23 August 2015 by robertflournoy

reso and lou 2

Loves and Fishes x10 president, Robert Flournoy was honored by California State Senator Lou Correa with A California Senate Resolution! Con-gratulations! This award was given to Robert for his commitment to serving his community through his individual efforts as well as of those of his nonprofit Loaves and Fishes x10.
Robert has an enormous amount of energy in ad-dition to a huge heart to serve. No matter what day, rain or shine Robert is out and about on his mission to touch as many lives as he can. It is not a surprise that he had been recognized for all of the contributions he has made within the past 14 years! And it doesn’t stop!
Robert is always looking for another way to reach his community. He has definitely been called to this brook! I truly believe that Robert does not just enjoy what he does (which makes it seem easy), he LOVES what he does. He has found remarkable passion and it grows each and every day. Once the fire was lit, it will burn on forever:) To the betterment of the city in which we live of course!



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Man! It Was Hot But We Got It Done…

Posted on 16 August 2015 by robertflournoy

hot 1

I can imagine most people would say that we were pretty crazy to be out in the

heat today gleaning cucumbers for Food Banks as hot as it was but this crew

of people obviously were not to concern about the heat. 1,016 lbs of cucumbers

were gleaned today by this unwavering crew of people. YES! it was hot and it

was hard not to keep the sweat out of your eyes but it was all worth it because

we were able to be a part of someone eating today. Volunteers came out and

did not complain about the heat although it was pretty hot.

hot 6

hot 7

As the team was gleaning cucumbers from this field left for us by Dan Manassero

of The Original Manassero Farms there were crews on the other side getting the

other cucumber fields ready for harvest. We always enjoy working side by side

with the farmers crew because it shoes common unity.

hot 10

hot 5

hot 11

The youth that come out always enjoy being out in the fields and you can see the joy

they have when they are out gleaning or harvesting fresh produce from the farmers


hot 12

Today’s gleaning was another success in the fight against hunger in Orange County.

We were able to glean over 1,016 lbs of cucumbers for Second Harvest Food Bank.

hot 2

hot 3

hot 4


Dan Manassero receiving a certificate for donating to Irvine Valley College students.

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Finishing The Cucumbers Saturday The 15th…

Posted on 13 August 2015 by robertflournoy


foods are as cool as a cucumber. These low-calorie veggies contain many nutritional benefits, including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients.

There are hundreds of varieties of cucumber, and they come in dozens of colors, but the edible types are classified as being for either slicing or pickling, according to Cornell University’s Growing Guide. Slicing cucumbers are cultivated to be eaten fresh, while pickling cucumbers are intended for the brine jar. Slicing cucumbers are usually larger and thicker-skinned than pickling ones.

In the United States, commonly planted varieties of slicing cucumber include Dasher, Conquistador, Slicemaster, Victory, Comet, Burpee Hybrid and Sprint, according to the World’s Healthiest Foods website. Commonly planted varieties of pickling cucumber include Royal, Calypso, Pioneer, Bounty, Regal, Duke and Blitz.


YouTube Preview Image

cucmber 2

cucmbers 3




Exploring The Original Manassero Farms

ICNV_Logo1 (1) 3

Exploring The Original Manassero Farms

by Cheryl Honig.

The feeling starts in your feet as you step out of your car onto the gravel parking lot.  It works its way up to your fingers and nose as you stroll through the herbs, feel their textures, and savor their aromas.  You sense this is a special place because you feel transported and calm at the same time.

Gazing out to the fields reminds you that this is the stuff that has been sustaining the human race since the beginning of time — fresh fruits and vegetables.  This field (the Irvine Market location along Jeffrey Road, next to Irvine Valley College) is courtesy of Dan and Anne Manassero, part of a third-generation farming family that has been growing the tastiest strawberries and other wonderful produce since 1922.

But they do much more than grow and sell it.  They give it away, too!  The Original Manassero Farms has partnered with Loaves and Fishes X10 to distribute donated fresh produce to food pantries and food banks across Orange County — 250,000 pounds were donated in 2014.  That’s a lot of harvesting…and heart!

The Manasseros have succeeded in helping us escape the frenzy of modern life by creating their Irvine Market location, where you can browse shelves of jams and preserves, canned veggies, raw organic honey, and specialty salsas.  But there’s more — try “Breakfast in the Barn,” learn a thing or two at a “Farm to Fork” cooking class, or design a “Pick Your Own Event” for any occasion.  By supporting The Original Manassero Farms, we uplift the entire community.  That’s a good and tasty thing to do!  Visit https://www.manasserofarms.com/ to learn more.

YouTube Preview Image

Irvine farm earns honor for local support of food donations

Irvine Farm Earns Honor


Last year, The Original Manassero Farms donated 250,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to feed those in need.

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Resolution,Senate Recognition’s and Letter Of Recommendation..

Posted on 11 August 2015 by robertflournoy



senate 2




letter for l&F



Receiving my California Senate Resolution…

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If You Missed Gleaning Last Saturday? You Can Help This Coming Saturday The 8th..

Posted on 03 August 2015 by robertflournoy

green beans 8115 2

 Link to my– My Personal Website-


Come out and join us this Saturday at the Great Park gleaning green beans for

Food Banks and make sure you download a waiver and have it signed before you come out


green beans 8115 3

Directions- 5 South to Sand Canyon off ramp…turn left to Marine Way just pass the

over pass..turn right into the park and follow all the way to the end…turn right and

follow the perimeter road to the stop sign( Second Harvest Building Is Just To The Right)

continue straight until you come to the palm trees…turn right into the gate and immediate

left on to the road on the left side of the green bean field…go straight and park in back

of the field to the right.

Contact me at robert@loavesandfishesx10.com or @ 714-718-2930 for information.

HOURS- 9:am t0 11:am


Waiver Link…



Two write ups this year in papers about Loaves and Fishes x10…

Flournoy Gives Away Food

Exploring The Original Manassero Farms

September 30,2013 write up…

Orange County Produce, LLC and the Orange County Great Park Partner to Glean Food for Local Food Banks

IRVINE, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Orange County Produce, LLC and the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, Calif., continues its “Parks without Borders” program by offering fresh food to Orange County’s local food banks and soup kitchens. Orange County Produce is growing food on the four-acre VALOR Field at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, to support this effort.

On most weekends, a group of volunteers are invited to harvest all they can to prepare and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to those they serve.

“In the United States, on average 30 to 40 percent of the food grown goes uneaten each year,” said Tom Larson, Manager of Farm, Food & Landscape Division for the Orange County Great Park. “With Orange County’s long history in agriculture, we are taking a leadership role in developing ways to reduce waste.”

“The wonderful partnership with the Great Park VALOR Program, Orange County Produce, LLC and our food security friends at Second Harvest Food Bank, Community Action Partnership of Orange County and Loaves & Fishes allows us to deliver freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to those in need. We appreciate the hard working volunteers who gathered over 10,000 lbs of vine ripe watermelons last Saturday,” said A.G. Kawamura.

Robert Flournoy, president of Loaves And Fishes x10, has been gleaning regularly at the Great Park for more than three years. He began his journey fighting hunger when he made a commitment to help support seven homeless people in Tustin, Calif. Today, his organization has gleaned thousands of pounds of food and delivered it to help those in need in low-income communities.

Gleaners also harvest from Orange County Produce’s 105-acre organic farm at the Orange County Great Park.


NOTE… Where shoes,pants,gloves and hat if you want and bring water. 

green beans 8115 4

green beans 8115 6

green beans 8115 5


YouTube Preview Image


Check out the presidents  new music video…

YouTube Preview Image

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