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Green Bean Saturday At The Great Park 8/1/15

Posted on 31 July 2015 by robertflournoy

gleaning 3

Hey what you got there Brenda? Come out and join us this Saturday at the Great

Park gleaning green beans for Food Banks and make sure you download a waiver

and have it signed before you come out.  Thanks.

green beans

Directions- 5 South to Sand Canyon off ramp…turn left to Marine Way just pass the

over pass..turn right into the park and follow all the way to the end…turn right and

follow the perimeter road to the stop sign( Second Harvest Building Is Just To The Right)

continue straight until you come to the palm trees…turn right into the gate and immediate

left on to the road on the left side of the green bean field…go straight and park in back

of the field to the right.

Contact me at robert@loavesandfishesx10.com or @ 714-718-2930 for information.

green bean 3

green bean 4



YouTube Preview Image

The presidents new music video…

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Waiver Link…



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840 Lbs Of Heirloom Tomatoes…

Posted on 26 July 2015 by robertflournoy

850 lbs 2850 lbs 3

It was hot but at the same time it was a great day to glean tomatoes at The Original

Manassero Farms  for Food Banks. Volunteers came from Saddleback Church Food

Pantry,Official No One Left Behind a non-profit that serves in the Santa Ana Community

and other volunteers. Volunteers started off gleaning Red Heirloom tomatoes that were

so tempting you wanted to eat one right off the vine. Official No One Left behind showed

up  a few minutes later with volunteers and two vehicles ready to get the job done for their

organization. Joyce and 6 other volunteers gleaned over 400 lbs of sweet Heirloom tomatoes.

This was the first time they were in tomatoes fields picking and they seemed to enjoy it.

850 lbs 7official

Time went by so fast and there was still a lot of tomatoes left on the 4 acre field. The

president is always saying that there is so much fresh produce on the fields left  after

the gleaning he has to make sure that he gets more volunteers to come out. Over all

it was a great day and a successful one for the volunteers and Food Banks. Now isn’t

this Heirloom beautiful.

850 lbs 6850 lbs 4



heirloom 4heirloom 2


heiloom 1heirloom 6











heirloom 7


YouTube Preview Image

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Another Photo Shoot….

Posted on 25 July 2015 by robertflournoy

The president decided to do another photo shoot showing the hard work that farmers

in our country do each day to put food on our tables. The idea is to remind people that

“If Your Not Dirty Someone Is Going Hungry”….

dustin lamb

We can only imagine what farmers go through to be able to supply the needs of the people

and their families. The sun and long days can take a toll on them as they toil their land.

dustin lam 3

dustin lam 5

We took our photo shoot at “The Original Manassero Farms” who we have partnered with to

help stomp out hunger.

The Original Manassero Farms – Orange County’s Best Strawberry and Farmers Market

I am proud to be part of a third generation farming family in Orange County. My grandfather, James Manassero, came to Orange County via Italy and began farming here in 1922.

During high school and college I started working for my father Steve Manassero Sr. and my uncle Emille Boisseranc Jr. At that time they were farming under the name Boisseranc-Manassero.

In 1976 my brother, Steve, and I started farming under the name Manassero Farms. Although my brother went out on his own years ago, I am happy to still be farming some 39 years later under the name – The Original Manassero Farms.
During the years of working with my father and uncle I learned how to grow the most delectable, juicy, strawberries in Orange County. Our berries are picked every morning at the height of ripeness and hand delivered to our stands from one of our local fields.

I am proud to carry on the tradition of local, sustainable farming and providing our community with the very freshest produce.

I thank you for your business and support during these 38 years. It is my sincere hope that you will literally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Dan Manassero ~ Founder
The Original Manassero Farms

dustin lamb 6

dustin lamb 4

dustin 5


YouTube Preview Image

Link to Photography…


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Gleaning Sweet White Corn This Saturday…

Posted on 11 July 2015 by robertflournoy

corn man

Address- 5500 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine, California 92618


Once again we will be gleaning fresh corn for families this Saturday. Families and

friends will enjoy themselves gleaning corn while helping to stomp out hunger.

We are very excited because this is what Loaves and Fishes x10 is all  about.


Irvine farm earns honor for local support of food donations

Last year, The Original Manassero Farms donated 250,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to feed those in need. State Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, is scheduled to honor the Irvine-based grower for its charity today at the Westminster Family Fitness Day, an annual event launched by the senator to promote exercise and healthy eating.

For the past four years, Dan Manassero, who founded The Original Manassero Farms in 1976, has donated corn, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green beans and melons to Loaves and Fishesx10, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit.
Contact the writer: jgraham@ocregister.comor 714-796-796
YouTube Preview Image




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Loaves and Fishes x10 in the Tri-County Bulletin…

Posted on 06 July 2015 by robertflournoy

model 1

A Precinct Reporter Group Publication – The Community’s Newspaper – Serving Long Beach and Surrounding Communities  

 Flournoy Gives Away Food….                                                            Thursday, June 25, 2015

By Dianne Anderson Staff Writer..

By Dianne Anderson Staff Writer Gleaning, that old biblical concept of free food for the taking, has become a lifetime passion for Robert Flournoy, who is happy to see the fruit of his labor in one hand and out the other. Flournoy, President and founder of Loaves and Fishes x10, is a middleman for area farms, such as Orange County Produce and The Original Manassero Farms. In the past month, Flournoy has given away about 40,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables for the hungry. His life has revolved around food, either working with food banks, or his own distribution, over the past 15 years. Typically, he’s out in the fields around sunrise, hauling numerous 60 pound crates of produce in his van twice a day, picking up the less desirable “number two’s.” The stores get the “number ones.” “The number two’s are not as pretty. They may be crooked, but they’re just as edible. People like us go to the store and we want the pretty stuff. Farmers know that,” he said. So he and volunteers pick up what’s left behind, and it’s a lot. Flournoy, who worked at food banks for 11 years, connected a few years ago with Irvine Valley College and The Original Manassero Farms about gleaning their fields. Since partnering, he has increased his own donations from 5,000 pounds of produce to area food pantries the first year, to 250,000 pounds to help feed tens of thousands in 2013. That’s not counting the food he might have given away if other farms were also on board with the gleaning concept. “But they just let it rot out,” he said. “Manassero is one farm that allowed me to go in and take what I can through gleaning, and they are donating to me as well.” Connecting with farms that are willing to give food away could help knock down the food insecurity across the country. However, many farmers do not allow gleaning, even as they waste countless tons of produce monthly.


Flournoy Gives (Cont. from Page 1)

One reason farmers turn over so much food back into the ground is that there is no market for it. It may have a funny shape, a bump or two, and hard to sell at the stores. In the past four years, Loaves and Fishes x10 has donated over a half million pounds of food in Orange County alone. “I have my board, but 99% of the time, it’s me in the fields, loading and delivering or waiting for food banks to come to the field,” he said. He always welcomes volunteers. With email blasts, he invites everyone that is interested to come out and pluck away for those in need. Volunteers also walk away with more than enough of whatever is in season to feed their own families. “Sometimes it’s every two weeks or every month, it all depends on when the farm is ready,” he said. “They take home whatever we pick,” he said. On average, Flournoy distributes 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of free produce to about 15 local nonprofits, including Saddleback Church, Santa Ana schools, Santa Ana and Orange County food banks, and Southwest Community Center, at roughly 10,000 pounds a week. He also donates to one food bank in Los Angeles County. Each year, countless tons of perfectly good fruits and vegetables are allowed to wither on the vines, unpicked. “In almost all cases, that would be food just allowed to rot in the fields,” said Mark Lowry, who heads the Orange County Food Bank. “The produce is a little misshapen, a little smaller or a slight blemish. The nutritional value is no different.” Lowry said that Americans waste 40% of food, including what’s thrown away at grocery stores, left on dinner plates, and what’s turned over in the fields. Some of the problem is larger companies may fear liability and injury concerns of unskilled labor in fields with sharp objects. Lately, Good Samaritan Flournoy Gives (Cont. from Page 1) laws are helping to open the process and protection, and his own organization buys volunteer insurance. He said that Flournoy’s effort is important for the county. When it comes to food insecurity, Orange County still ranks second in the state. “We’re not doing particularly well,” he said. Employment numbers are better, but he said the food service industry is the largest and fastest growing segment in the county, which pays very low wages. Living wage for the county is $28 an hour, and many still rely heavily on free food. Besides getting healthy fresh food to the tables of those who cannot afford it, he said there are many in the county that also like to volunteer in a more meaningful way. “There is a power in a group of people working side by side, from the church or synagogue, gleaning food a vulnerable family, and for the common good. To volunteer with Robert Flournoy, email robert@loaves andfishesx10.com see www. loavesandfishesx10.com


Actual Link To Article…

Flournoy Gives Away Food


Last years planting of squash….

YouTube Preview Image



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6,000 lbs Last Week Of fresh Produce…..

Posted on 06 July 2015 by robertflournoy

in the squash 2

Last week the president donated over 6,000 lbs of fresh squash to Orange County

Food Banks. The Original Manassero Farms continues to support the fight against

hunger through their partnership with Loaves and Fishes x10. The president seen

here in the squash field was looking over Manassero’s field in awe of how much

fresh produce is out there.

in the squash 6

in the squash 7

Over 2,601 lbs of squash was donated to Second Harvest last week and seen here

is one of the donation slips. We have donated quite a bit to this organization as well

as the Orange County Food Bank. 3,206 lbs was donated to the OC Food Bank last week

to support their fight against hunger as well.

in the squash 3

in the squash 4

in the squash 5

We will continue to support our partners as long as we possibly can because fighting

hunger will always be our number one goal.


YouTube Preview Image





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