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Dan and Anne Manassero Are In The O.C.’s Pioneers,Visionaries And Dynasty In The Making…

Posted on 28 February 2015 by robertflournoy


We are very excited to see two great people in February’s Riviera Magazine for

their many years in the community and beyond. Here’s what the magazine had to

say about these two amazing people.

SALT OF THE EARTH Dan and Anne Manassero continue a family legacy. Dan Manassero is proud to be a third-generation farmer. His grandfather James bought his first farm in O.C. in 1922, and he’s so proud of his family’s history that he refers to the five-location operation (he and wife Anne also own fields in L.A.) as “The Original Manassero Farms.” Their clients often quip that their strawberries are as sweet as sugar. “Being involved in the family farming of 93 years has paid off,” Dan notes. The fruits of their labor are distributed through major grocery chains across the country and as far away as Europe and Japan. In addition to giving to numerous area charities, the Manasseros donate their food—250,000 pounds of produce last year-to Loaves and Fishes X10, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit that helps feed the poor. Sweet.

manassero 2

Link to the actual Article..



Thank you both for your continued support in the fight against hunger.

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We Had Another Great Year In 2014…

Posted on 09 February 2015 by robertflournoy

land f









We thought we would post this picture because we like the way it looks. Last year was

a very busy year once again for Loaves and Fishes x10 working with Orange County Farmers.

We precipitate the support and the trust they have in our organization to donate theire

product to help stomp out hunger. One in six people in America face hunger, and according to the USDA, 15.9% of Americans receive insufficient food to support an “active and healthy life”, including the insecurity of wondering where the next meal will come from.










It is our goal to help end hunger in Orange County with support from our Orange

County Farmers. We would like to thank Dan and Anne Manassero of The Original

Manassero Farms who donated over 88,545 lbs of farm fresh produce last year.We

would also like to thank AG Kawamura of Orange County Produce and Erik Cutter of Alegria

Fresh for their compassionate giving of 22,294 lbs of fresh produce. We couldn’t of done it

without the farmers your total support.

Displaying 20141023_112614.jpeg


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As we  wait to see what unfolds this year with the farms we continue to support our

community through compassionate giving. If you would like to volunteer this year

with any of our projects you can contact the president at robert@loavesnadfishesx10.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.











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