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Eat Your Veggies!

Posted on 27 September 2014 by robertflournoy


We were out at the Great Park in Irvine again today.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for

picking fresh romaine lettuce from The Hydroponic Systems, run by Eric Cutter of Alergria Fresh

Farms.  An estimated amount of 600 heads of lettuce were harvested for needy families at the

Orange County Rescue Mission in Tustin, which serves about 3500 meals per day.



Our 2nd project for the day was at The Original Manassero Farms.  We were given 154 crates

of zucchinis weighing in at about 10,000 pounds for donation that will be shared with Heart

of Compassion from Los Angeles picking up on Monday and the Santa Ana Food Bank today.


It was a long, but productive day!  I would like to thank Pastor Glenn from Hands of Mercy

Encounter and Laura Howard for their continues above and beyond support of L & F x10


See today’s recap…

YouTube Preview Image



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Squash And More Squash….

Posted on 25 September 2014 by robertflournoy

It was a warm day today and volunteers from Saddleback Church came out ready to rock steady.

This was a very busy day for Loaves and Fishes x10 and Saddleback Church because harvesting

and picking up donations from The original Manassero Farms was happening today. Volunteers

were given instructions on what to do and did a great job while at the same time the driver

from the church was picking up donations…

Over all volunteers harvested over 1,444 lbs of fresh zucchini from Loaves and Fishes x10 field planted

by The Original Manassero Farms. The Bob Tail was loaded with an estimate of 2,160 lbs of zucchini

donated to the  organization from Loaves and Fishes x10…

The president continued to pick up crates of zucchini donated to him at the other farm down

the street and delivered enough to feel three bins to the Santa Ana food bank…


Recap Of Today’s Event…

YouTube Preview Image



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Displaying FINAL_LOGO_TRANS.png

We Divided And Conquered!

Posted on 20 September 2014 by robertflournoy

The cooler weather made for an exceptional day to cover two farming locations at the same time!!  How’d

we do it you ask?  Our wonderful volunteers split into two groups that’s how!  Dan Manassero of

The Original Manassero Farms provided our newly harvested squash, but also a field of green beans

to glean..


Among our mighty warriors today, we gathered from squash planted especially for Loaves and

Fishes x10 by Manassero Farms and gleaned from his fields at Irvine Valley College.  Today’s total

collected of squash was about 1,500 pounds.


Big thanks for to everyone for your help this fine day.  Remember, we’re dedicated to

stomping out hunger in Orange County and we can’t do it with out your help!  Check out our

website for upcoming projects…

      Displaying FINAL_LOGO_TRANS.png

WATCH the recap of today’s activities…

YouTube Preview Image


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Julie Diep, OC Autism Founder

Harvesting Romaine lettuce With O.C Autism

Posted on 20 September 2014 by robertflournoy

The day was hot but everybody  didn’t seem to mind because they new why they were at the Great

Park at 8:am in the morning. O.C Autism came out to pick Romaine lettuce for the community because

they have a heart to serve and that weekend was no different for them other than it was there first time

ever picking and being on a farm.


Julie Diep, OC Autism Founder

We hope that you will find local resources for parents, educators, professional and students in Orange County affected by Autism. We strongly believe in early intervention and ethical practices. We will help you get the early diagnosis, evidenced-based treatment and continued care throughout the lifespan.

Our goal is to connect you with various organizations, programs and schools to serve your individualized needs. We hope that you will learn how to exercise your Special Education Rights and access free and appropriate resources that will optimize performances, improve the quality of life and ensure future success.

We hope that you will find valuable resources and share them with your friends in the community. Please visit our website regularly for updated information, community events and new research findings related to Autism.
We are excited about the growth and the development of this website and look forward to your feedbacks and contributions.
Julie Chau Diep, MS, CCC-SLP
OC Autism Developer

See for yourself the attitude and enjoyment this group brings to the farm..

YouTube Preview Image

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Senator Award

The Original Manassero Farms Plants Squash For Loaves And Fishes x10…

Posted on 02 September 2014 by robertflournoy

Just behind Laura and the Loaves and Fishes x10 banner is eight rolls of squash planted

for the organization for food banks,food pantries and soup kitchens. This is the second

time this year The Original Manassero Farms has partnered to stomp out hunger in this

capacity. Dan and Anne Manassero have been a big tribute to the fight against hunger and

we at the organization appreciate all they have done. We look forward to working with the

Manassero’s in the future.

Senator Award

Irvine farm earns high honor


Last year, The Original Manassero Farms donated 250,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to feed those in need.

State Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, is scheduled to honor the Irvine-based grower for its charity today at the Westminster Family Fitness Day, an annual event launched by the senator to promote exercise and healthy eating.

For the past four years, Dan Manassero, who founded The Original Manassero Farms in 1976, has donated corn, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green beans and melons to Loaves and Fishesx10, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit. The organization then distributes the produce to food banks, shelters and churches in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

“It’s a shame to throw it away,” said Manassero, a third-generation Orange County farmer. “(Loaves and Fishesx10) is doing all the work. I’m just donating stuff.”

Westminster Family Fitness Day was created to encourage better eating habits among low-income families who might otherwise turn to fast food or similar options. The farm’s contributions aligned nicely with that goal, said Asia Cunningham, Correa’s district director.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image





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Another Busy Week…

Posted on 01 September 2014 by robertflournoy

=Erik Cutter – Erik Cutter is Managing Director of Alegría Fresh, a new start-up in Laguna Beach which utilizes high-efficiency hydroponic vertical farming systems to produce and distribute superior locally-grown salad greens and vegetables. Mr. Cutter has over 35 years experience growing food using organic techniques and is a leading pioneer in developing the use of hydroponic vertical farm technologies that are far more resource efficient than traditional farming processes. He has a background in Biochemistry and Oncology, and possesses a lifelong passion for creating haute cuisine using the finest ingredients. Mr. Cutter hopes to introduce youth and locals to the amazing benefits of consuming clean & natural locally-grown food. The company’s goals include connecting individuals with where their food comes from and how it is grown, influencing positive change in resource management, teaching healthy eating habits, promoting entrepreneurship programs and creating jobs in urban agriculture. The new venture has just completed Alegria Farm, a 1/2 acre interactive demonstration farm located at the Great Park in Irvine, CA.

All week the president has been going out to the Great Park to pick Romaine lettuce

e from the Hydroponic System ran by Erik Cutter.  Erik Cutter donated over 1,580 0f

fresh lettuce to Food Banks through Loaves and Fishes x10 last week alone.

Saturday  30th volunteers came out and picked over 1,250 lbs for organizations in 

Fountain Valley and Santa Ana.

Photo: 1,800 heads of Romaine lettuce picked today..PhotoPhotoPhoto PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto

As always we want to thank all the volunteers that come out to support the organization and especially those

who have made it possible…

YouTube Preview Image


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