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Gleaning Tomatoes And Possibly Green Beans This Saturday At The Original Manassero Farms…

Posted on 29 July 2014 by robertflournoy


          Time 8:am to 10:am



ADDRESS …Irvine Valley College

                            5500 Irvine Center Drive                                  TIME:8:am-10:am

                            Irvine  Ca, 9261

DIRECTIONS…405 S. Exit Jeffrey and turn (left)/Go straight until you get to light called

Irvine Valley and turn right into the College and an immediate right. The road will

make you turn left so follow it until you see the tomatoes filled on your right. The presidents

van will be visible to you.

DIRECTIONS5 North exit Jeffrey and go left pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called

Irvine Valley and turn left and follow the same directions as above.


DIRECTIONS5 South Exit Jeffrey and follow the road to the Jeffrey light turn left and 

go pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called Irvine Valley and follow the

same directions as above.

Clothes to wear  Volunteers should wear closed toe shoes,long shirts,hats,gloves and pants

to protect themselves.


Tools.. cutters if you have any(No knives of sharp objects)

Waiversmust be signed before you can glean unless you have already signed one for this year.

Transportation…Organizations coming to glean must have their own transportation to take

back their gleaned produce…organizations,volunteers can park their vehicle

 next to the field.


Additional InfoAny other info will be presented at the site.

Contact information…

Robert Flournoy- 714-718-2930

Tomato field we will be gleaning…

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted on 23 July 2014 by robertflournoy



Last Saturday the 19th was a great day gleaning green beans for families. Giving Children Hope dogoodbus volunteers did a fantastic job gleaning for their We’ve Got Your Back program. Templo Calvario of Santa Ana and Calvary also did a great job gleaning for Loaves and Fishes x10.

If you would like to come out and make a difference in someone’s life you can come out this Saturday 26th and help glean green beans from 8am to 10am at the Great Park.  We have gleaned/harvested over 100,000 lbs or more from Orange County Produce farm land at the Great Park.

We can surely use your help as we glean on acres of green beans. The more volunteers the more we can feed the hungry in our community

PS… All volunteers will always take home some of whatever is gleaned that day for their families.


Volunteers must sign a waiver before they can glean on the farm land.

CLOTHES TO WEAR… Long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, long pants, gloves preferred,water and hat if you need it.

Contact me at robert@loavesandfishesx10.com for waiver and to staging area at the Great Park.


YouTube Preview Image

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Green Bean Saturday. ..

Posted on 16 July 2014 by robertflournoy

Come on out and join us on the green bean field this Saturday from 9:am to 11:am at the Great Park. The 8:am to 10:am slot is full so if you can make it please contact me at robert@loavesandfishesx10.com for directions.

NOTE… I ask that all volunteers be at the staging area by 8:45.

NOTE… Any volunteers that show up after we leave the staging area will not be permitted to glean because of safety concerns at the park.

We will caravan to Lot 4 inside the park and safety is the president’s and the parks highest concern.


So come join us and lets feed some people.


Directions to the park. ..

5 south exit Sand Canyon go left to Trabuco and turn right. Follow road to the end where the security guard is..turn right and follow road to the stop. Turn right and immediately park in the parking lot to the left..you will see the president’s White Cargo van.


Clothing to wear. .

Long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, bring water, hat if possible, pants, and gloves if you prefer.

Waivers must be signed and checked before we proceed into the park. Need a waiver contact the president.

Presidents phone number 714-718-2930.


YouTube Preview Image


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