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Orange you glad for oranges?

Posted on 30 March 2013 by robertflournoy

We had a wonderful morning filled with the sweet smell of orange blossoms while working away in the orange grove at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange. Over 20 volunteers met us to pick the abundance of oranges. We were thrilled to meet some new volunteers as well as to see many familiar faces including those from Giving Children Hope and Saddleback Church Food Pantry. We made some good headway but there are still plenty of gorgeous oranges left to be picked.

YouTube Preview Image

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The Orange County Ronald McDonald House is having its annual “Walk for Kids” on Sunday, April 7. For more information, please click here: Annual Walk for Kids.

Count how many times the word “orange” was used in this post, reply with the number, and win a FREE bottle of water at your next gleaning/harvesting project! ; )

Picking oranges in Orange




IMG_1846 IMG_1844 IMG_1839 IMG_1838 IMG_1834 IMG_1831 IMG_1825 IMG_1823 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 IMG_1817 IMG_1816 Picking oranges at the Ronald McDonald House

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Picking oranges Saturday 30th at Orange County Ronald McDonald House…

Posted on 20 March 2013 by robertflournoy

Orange County Ronald Mcdonald House
383 S Batavia St Orange, CA 92868


We have the opportunity to pick orange trees at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange
Saturday 30th from 9:am to 12:pm. Volunteers who are coming out must complete a waiver
form from L&F x10 and also the Ronald McDonald House. All Ronald McDonald House waivers
will be filled out on the premises the day of the event.

L&F x10 Waiver Link… https://loavesandfishesx10.com/?page_id=24

Clothing… Long sleeve shirt,closed toe shoes,gloves and goggles if you have any.

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Photo: Today

What can we say about today’s harvest…FANTASTIC!!

Posted on 16 March 2013 by robertflournoy

The temperature must have dropped 5 degrees in the morning at The Great Park between

8:50: am and 9:00 am.  Around 32 volunteers including kids came out Saturday to help stomp

out hunger in Orange County with the enthusiasm to get it done….


A faith based ministry taking feeding the community to a different level

through gleaning projects and community partnerships.



Orange County has the 3rd highest population in the state of California at
approx. 3,055, 745 residents*. *(Source: US Census Bureau Release Date: April 2012)

30.4% of Orange County Households are unable to meet their basic
needs, 90.9% of these households are working families.

1 in 8 Orange County residents face food insecurity, including
1 in 5 children.
Enrollment in Food Stamp programs in Orange County increased 37% in 2010,

demonstrating the need for affordable and nutrious foods.

391,380, or 13.1%, of Orange County residents face food insecurity.
Of those residents, about 41% are not qualified for SNAP or other governmental
nutrion program.

33.7% (211,000) of low‐income households in Orange County experience
hunger at least once a day.

Volunteers from Templo Calvario of Santa Ana and Giving Children Hope from Buena

Park did a great job harvesting  celery and lettuce that was donated by A.G Kawamura

owner of Orange County Produce. ..


Group Picture…

Photo: Today's volunteers


Giving Children Hope…

Photo: giving children hope volunteers




Templo Calvario of Santa Ana harvested for the Orange County Rescue Mission and

 also supported Giving Children Hope..



Photo: Templo Calvario Church

Photo: Templo Calvario Church


Pics from today’s harvest…


Donation to Orange County Rescue Mission harvested by Templo Calvario Santa Ana …


Videos from today’s harvest…

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Convoy Of Hope Event in Santa Ana October 5th 2013…

Posted on 10 March 2013 by robertflournoy

You’re Invited to a

Vision Casting Meeting

for the 2013



Attend one of the following meetings

Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 7pm

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 @ 10am


Graceland Community Baptist Church

1817 W. 3rd Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Orange County businesses, churches and community organizations are being invited to partner together to sponsor a Convoy of Hope outreach on Saturday, October 5, 2013 in the city of Santa Ana.

This is a collaborative effort to provide thousands of struggling people in our community with the groceries, health services, job fairs, family portraits, haircuts, prayer, and games and activities for children. All free of charge to each guest.  The goal is to mobilize hundreds of area residents to serve and make a difference in their community. Strong participation by churches, local businesses, community service agencies and individuals is crucial to the success of this event.  Through this collaborative effort we can do together what no one else could do alone.

Please share invite with others in your network

PLEASE RSVP BY March 15th    

714-788-8641 or santaanaconvoyofhope@gmail.com

Nellisa Lockley
Convoy Coordinator
What We Do

At Convoy of Hope our goals are to provide help and hope to people in need in the United States and around world through our children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.

How We Do ItChildren’s Feeding Initiatives

With millions of children going hungry and lacking access to clean drinking water each day we focus heavily on providing the basic necessities of life to those in need. Currently, Convoy of Hope is expanding its feeding initiatives to more than 120,000+ children in seven nations.  We also provide clean and safe water, teach community leaders agricultural techniques and help provide healthy living environments and education.

Community Outreaches

Each year in the United States we hold up to 50 community outreaches with the help of thousands of volunteers who serve tens of thousands of guests. At each outreach free groceries, job and health fairs, and activities for children are provided. In doing so, volunteers are given an opportunity to connect with members of their community, and guests are shown love and respect regardless of age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition.

Disaster Response

Convoy of Hope is considered a “first responder” organization in disaster relief. With a fleet of tractor-trailers, a 300,000-square-foot warehouse, a high-tech Mobile Command Center and through a scalable distribution model we have been heralded for quickly providing resources and help to victims of disasters worldwide.
We rely heavily on the faith-based community, businesses and national and state disaster relief agencies and organizations. Because of strong alliances, we were one of the first humanitarian aid groups to distribute food in Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the country on January 12, 2010.

Partner Resourcing

Convoy of Hope believes in supporting the work of like-minded organizations throughout the world. Through partner resourcing, we have empowered hundreds of organizations by providing the food and supplies they need to make a positive difference in their communities.


Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has relied on its expertise in logistics, quality products and determined people to fulfill its mission to feed the world. To meet the pressing needs represented among the poor and suffering, the organization constantly evaluates its capacity and makes adjustments as necessary to stay lockstep with needs and opportunities in the United States and throughout the world.


* 300,000 square ft. World Distribution Center
* 6 International distribution centers
* Fleet of Trucks in multiple countries
* Over 25,000 Churches/Organizations involved
* Over 1,200 Volunteer Teams
* $306,155,027 of gifts in kind to date
* 379,552 volunteers mobilized

*As of August 2012







This will be a great opportunity to get your church or business involved to help

support our low income in Orange County. To be a part of this massive move

please contact Nellisa Lockley for your RSVP.


Thank you.

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Photo: AG and Dr.Handler and his wife

We had a lot of volunteers this Saturday harvesting celery and two type of lettuce…

Posted on 10 March 2013 by robertflournoy

They look like LOCUS says A.G Kawamura about the volunteers that came out today

to harvest his organic field . We had 2o volunteers from L.A and 10 from Orange County

come out this weekend. We also had a visit from Dr. Eric Handler Deputy Agency Director

/Health Officer and his wife come out as well. The President had invited him to come out

and see what L&F x10 is doing in the community to help stomp out hunger. Dr. Handler felt

what everyone else feels when they are on the fields and that is the energy that flows from

everyone when they are out  supporting the community. Dr. Handler said that there are good

things happening in the fields with the gleaning program…


A.G Kawamura and Dr. Handler and his wife…

Photo: AG and Dr.Handler and his wife

Group picture…


Heart Of Compassion…




Photo: Heart of Compassion


Giving Children Hope…




Templo Calvario Santa Ana volunteers…


Video of Today’s harvest…



 On another note the President received a  certificate for supporting the 

Orange County Bar Foundation…


Picture with Max Madrid and California State Senator Lou Correa…

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Heart Of Compassion from L.A County who served over 500,000 people last year is on there way to the O.C to harvest…

Posted on 06 March 2013 by robertflournoy

We are still on the Valor Field harvesting celery and this weekend we will have visitors from

Los Angeles County come down to be a part of what is happening in Orange County. Heart

Of Compassion is doing a great job in L.A supporting families and we  at L&F x10 want to be

a part of it by supplying fresh organic produce to their organization...


Valor Program in the Orange County Register...



Picture of Heart Of Com[passion picking up donations from “The Original Manassero Farms”


H.O.C Video of them picking up Cucumbers…

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We had fun in the Sun…

Posted on 03 March 2013 by robertflournoy

We had fun in the Sun today harvesting celery at the Great Park in Irvine California for low

income families. We had a small crew today that did an extraordinary job as a team. Saddleback

Church Food Pantry volunteers came out to help support the 3,500 people they serve each month

and First Baptist Church volunteers also came out to harvest for the 100 homeless they cook

for each week. Everyone is very excited to be a part of something that is different from the

normal routine of supporting Food Banks or Food Pantries. One volunteer said today that

she is happy to be doing something active like harvesting instead of just sitting at her desk

at work. If you have never harvested or gleaned before you don’t know the feeling you get

when you pick the fresh produce from the fields it has a smell and a look like no other.


This Summer we will increase our take of produce and we invite you to participate in one

of out projects. Next weekend  Heart Of Compassion a ministry from L.A County will be

coming down to pick celery and hopefully lettuce…. http://hocdistribution.com/





Saddleback Church Volunteers…







Photo: Orange County Rescue Mission donation

Santa Ana Food Bank…


First Baptist Church…

Photo: Saddleback Church Food Pantry


Today’s Videos…

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