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Harvesting at the Great Park this Saturday with Saddleback Church Food Pantry,Giving Children Hope and New Beginnings Community Church…

Posted on 30 January 2013 by robertflournoy

This Saturday will be our first harvest this Summer on Orange County Produce Farm Land.

We will be working with Saddleback Church Food Pantry who serves over 3,500 a month

and Giving Children Hope who serves over 12,000 a month. Both Orgs are doing a tremendous 

job serving the community. New beginnings Church will harvest for a Santa Ana

Food Bank. The fresh organic produce coming from the fields will be a great

blessing to the people that will receive it….



           Directions to the Great Park….

 Hours Of Harvesting (9:am to 11:am)


Take the (5 ) South to Sand Canyon Off Ramp and turn (Left)and go straight to the first light

Marine Way and turn (Right) continue straight until you get to the Guard Shack

Turn (Left) and follow the road all the way to the stop sign

Continue straight pass the stop sign and park immediately on the right

The president will be waiting with his White Ford van to caravan to the harvest area.


      ( WAIVERS)


Please make sure all volunteers sign the waivers before they come out this will help us to get to

the fields faster. If you don’t have waivers you can download them from the web site under

Supported Ministries and then under Volunteering…


   Proper Clothing


All volunteers must wear long sleeve shirts,pants, closed toe shoes,gloves if you prefer,

hat if you want to protect yourself from the heat and bring some water.


                  Organizations responsibility


Organizations must bring their own vehicles to transfer harvested produce back to their facilities.

You must also bring your own crates ,gaylords etc If you don’t have any we will try and get you some

 you can borrow but must be returned before the next harvesting. 


NOTE… All organizations must give L&F x10 the weight count and list of produce you 

                   received Saturday. This will be  required every time there is a harvest or gleaning



Thank you and see you Saturday.


Video of the field from the Valor program we will harvest this weekend……

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Working with the VALOR Program at the Great Park to help stomp out hunger…

Posted on 23 January 2013 by robertflournoy

We are teaming up with the Valor Program at the Great Park to help stomp out hunger in Orange County

Veteran’s Agricultural Learning – Opportunities & Resources Program

‘Skills for Employment’


The Veteran’s Agricultural Learning-Opportunities & Resources (VALOR) Program provides education and hands-on experience for veterans in preparation for employment in the agriculture industry.  The curriculum will help veterans develop a portfolio of skills relevant to present and future urban agriculture opportunities.  The VALOR Program will focus on the day-to-day requirements of specialty crop farming, with an expanded view of local and global responsibilities toward sustainability and environmental stewardship.


The 105-acre Great Park Farm at the Orange County Great Park (OCGP), in Irvine, CA, will serve as a ‘living laboratory’ for the practical application of agricultural principles.  With its rich history in California agriculture, and its more than 50 years as a Marine Corps Air Station, the Orange County Great Park is an ideal location to provide agricultural education to veterans.  The program will be a model for other communities that believe in investing in their regional food shed infrastructure and security.

Primary instructors for the VALOR Program will be AG Kawamura (Former Secretary of the California Department of Food & Agriculture) and his partners at Orange County Produce.  Mr. Kawamura’s 30+ years of experience as a produce grower and shipper in Orange County, CA, and his long history of public service to California agriculture make him an ideal instructor for America’s veterans.  A team of Orange County Farm Bureau farmer friends and mentors will assist in the hands-on instruction of veteran students in addition to industry professionals from a wide variety of disciplines.


Interns will spend 800 hours from Monday, September 10, 2012 through mid-May 2013 in classroom instruction at the Orange County Great Park and Brandman University, and field work at the Great Park Farm.  The VALOR Program curriculum will be comprised of the following sections: CA Agriculture; Soil Conservation; Water and Irrigation; Pest Management; Hothouse Hydroponic and Algae Farming Systems; Agricultural Machinery and Technology; Field Preparation; Harvest and Post harvest Handling and Shipping; Fresh Market and Processing Overview; Farm Organization; and Business Models and Development.


Additionally, interns will spend 480 hours working for the Irvine Ranch Conservancy between December 2012 and May 2013.  Training and tasks will focus on ground restoration; native plant reforestation and identification; native seed farming techniques; plant protection; and operation of equipment and tools.


Graduating veterans will earn a Certificate of Completion and 30 Continuing Education Units from Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System.


Veteran’s Agricultural Learning – Opportunities & Resources Program

The Veteran’s Agricultural Learning – Opportunities & Resources (VALOR) Program provides a well rounded education and hands-on experience for veterans in preparation for employment in the agriculture industry.


  • Located at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA


  • 8 months beginning Monday, September 10, 2012


  • 800 hours as a paid intern with the City of Irvine


  • 480 hours as a paid employee of the Irvine Ranch Conservancy


  • Fieldwork at the 105-acre Great Park Farm and the 3-acre VALOR Farm


  • AG Kawamura, Former Secretary, CA Dept. of Food & Ag, as main instructor


  • 30 Continuing Education Units and a Certificate of Completion from Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System


VALOR Program Partners


Orange County Great Park                      Orange County Farm Bureau

   City of Irvine                                                Orange County Harvest

Farmer-Veteran Coalition                        Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Orange County Produce                           Brandman University


Curriculum to Include


California Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Water & Irrigation, Pest Management, Hothouse Hydroponics & Algae Farming Systems, Agriculture Machinery & Technology, Field Preparation, Harvest & Post Harvest Handling & Shipping, Fresh Market & Processing, Farm Organizations, Business Model Development


This field is a VALOR Program project…


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Networking with Orange County and Los Angeles County Organizations…

Posted on 20 January 2013 by robertflournoy

As we gear up for this Summers Gleaning and Harvesting with AG Kawamura of “Orange County

Produce” and Dan Manassero of  “The Original Manassero Farms” we are collecting data on how

many people we served last year fresh produce through the organizations we supported. In 2012

we were able to support organizations who fed over 550,000 people combined with fresh farm produce.

This is a great astonishment to be able to give fresh produce or Farm to Warehouse produce. This

could not have been done without the support of Irvine Farmers generously giving to L&F x10.


Here is a break down of most of the organizations we served in 2012…


1.Orange County Ronald McDonald House80 people


2.OC Bar Foundation…30 people- MONTH


3. Families Forward in Irvine…450 people- MONTH


4. Veterans First of Santa Ana…120 vets- MONTH


5. ValleyHigh School Class…200 students


6. SouthWest Community Center…2,500- MONTH


7 .Love Community Outreach Santa Ana…3,500- MONTH


8. Giving Children Hope…15,288- MONTH


9. Saddleback Church Food Pantry…3,500- MONTH


10. Vineyard CommunityChurch…10,000- MONTH


11. Hands Of Mercy Encounter…12,000- MONTH


12. Heart Of Compassion L.A…Served over 500,000 last year


Some pics and videos of last years recipients…



12 Gaylords of Watermelons shared between Saddleback Church Food Pantry and a

 Santa Ana Food bank..


Donated to Saddleback Church Food Pantry…


Heart Of Compassion…



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Photo: Harvesting on Orange County Produce Farm Land..<br /><br /><br />
Cabbage,Broccoli etc

Harvesting in two weeks on Orange County Produce Farm Land…

Posted on 14 January 2013 by robertflournoy

L&F  x10 president  spoke to AG Kawamura of Orange County Produce about harvesting

in two weeks. AG has a program called Valor which teaches vets how to grow produce and

they did a great job with the 3 to 4 acres on the Great Park…

Photo: Harvesting on Orange County Produce Farm Land..<br /><br /><br />
Cabbage,Broccoli etc



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Our new trifolds are ready…

Posted on 10 January 2013 by robertflournoy

Our new trifold is ready for any organization,business or just anyone who may 

want to share  what L&F x10 is doing to help stomp out hunger. If you would like 

 any of them please contact us at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com with the amount 

 you want  and we will do our best to get them into your hands.


(Pictures of trifold are at the bottom of this post)


Gleaning on Orange County Produce Farm Land…



20 crates of oranges picked…







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Santa Ana Convoy of Hope meeting went well today…

Posted on 08 January 2013 by robertflournoy

It was good to see all the the organizations come together today to see what was being planned

for Santa Ana on October 5th 2013. Everyone seemed to be excited about what they are being

a part of. This event is and will be a massive move of God in the community and it will be one

all the organizations will take pride in…

Although the local leadership team bears the weight of the outreach’s planning and
preparation, the point church or organization assumes the ultimate responsibility for
the local effort and performance. When you agree to become the point church or
point organization and sign the application, you are agreeing to fulfill and satisfy all basic
1. Church Participation
Convoy of Hope has a minimum goal of incorporating 10 core churches from across
denominational and ethnic lines for each outreach. A commitment to this goal is
required to ensure as many churches as possible are involved.
2. Convoy Coordinator
The host community is responsible to provide a qualified individual to serve as the
Convoy Coordinator. This individual must be able to provide strong administrative
leadership, invest an average of 4-8 hours per week during the outreach planning
process, and remain actively engaged in the follow-up process after the outreach. It is
critical that the Convoy Coordinator work cooperatively with Convoy of Hope staff and
willingly receive their recommendations.
3. Vision Casting Meeting
The point church or organization is responsible for coordinating/hosting a Vision Casting
Meeting in partnership with the Convoy of Hope Outreach Director. The Convoy of
Hope Outreach Director will be present at the meeting to share the outreach vision and
other useful information with participants.
4. Leadership Recruitment
One of the most strategic steps in planning a Convoy of Hope outreach is recruiting
leaders who possess ability and influence. The process of leadership recruitment is
simplified by a well-attended Vision Casting Meeting, which typically provides a broad
base of qualified leaders to recruit from and also exposure to new networks of leaders.
5. Volunteer Recruitment
A typical outreach involves 30 or more participating churches from which at least 700
volunteers are recruited. The lower the guest-to-volunteer ratio, the more effectively
volunteers can serve and honor guests during the outreach. Volunteers are also
needed for door-to-door flyer distribution prior to the event.


A typical leadership team is comprised of 17 or more individuals serving
in the following roles:
H Convoy Coordinator
H Assistant Convoy Coordinator(s)
H Connections Coordinator
H Arrangements
H Church Relations
H Community Services
H Family Portraits
H Finance
H Food Services
H Groceries
H Guest Services
H Haircuts
H Health Services
H Kids’ Zone
H Media Relations
H Safety
H Site Entertai




Videos of today’s lunch


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Convoy of Hope is heading to Santa Ana California…

Posted on 05 January 2013 by robertflournoy

Since Convoy of Hope, a 501(c)3 faith-based nonprofit, was founded in 1994 we have served more than 55 MILLION people throughout the world through international children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.

Currently, there are more than 120,000+ children in our feeding initiatives in El Salvador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua and the Philippines. Through the feeding initiatives we provide good nutrition, clean and safe drinking water, instruction on agricultural techniques, healthy living environments and education.

Year after year, we are lauded for our effectiveness and efficiency in mobilizing tens of thousands of volunteers for community outreaches and during times of disaster response.

No matter what we are doing, our objective is to always deliver much-needed food, supplies and hope to the impoverished and suffering.


Wat is Convoy of  Hope?
Convoy of Hope is a nonprofit, nondenominational, 501(c)(3) Christian
compassion organization that conducts community-wide outreaches,
responds to disasters and feeds thousands of children each day
throughout the world. We provide real help and lasting hope to people
in need.
What We Do

At Convoy of  Hope our goals are to provide help and hope to people in need in the United States and around world through our children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.


How We Do It…Children’s Feeding Initiatives

With millions of children going hungry and lacking access to clean drinking water each day we focus heavily on providing the basic necessities of life to those in need. Currently, Convoy of Hope is expanding its feeding initiatives to more than 120,000+ children in seven nations.  We also provide clean and safe water, teach community leaders agricultural techniques and help provide healthy living environments and education.

Community Outreaches

Each year in the United States we hold up to 50 community outreaches with the help of thousands of volunteers who serve tens of thousands of guests. At each outreach free groceries, job and health fairs, and activities for children are provided. In doing so, volunteers are given an opportunity to connect with members of their community, and guests are shown love and respect regardless of age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition.

Disaster Response

Convoy of Hope is considered a “first responder” organization in disaster relief. With a fleet of tractor-trailers, a 300,000-square-foot warehouse, a high-tech Mobile Command Center and through a scalable distribution model we have been heralded for quickly providing resources and help to victims of disasters worldwide.
We rely heavily on the faith-based community, businesses and national and state disaster relief agencies and organizations. Because of strong alliances, we were one of the first humanitarian aid groups to distribute food in Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the country on January 12, 2010.

Partner Resourcing

Convoy of Hope believes in supporting the work of like-minded organizations throughout the world. Through partner resourcing, we have empowered hundreds of organizations by providing the food and supplies they need to make a positive difference in their communities.


Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has relied on its expertise in logistics, quality products and determined people to fulfill its mission to feed the world. To meet the pressing needs represented among the poor and suffering, the organization constantly evaluates its capacity and makes adjustments as necessary to stay lockstep with needs and opportunities in the United States and throughout the world.


* 300,000 square ft. World Distribution Center
* 6 International distribution centers
* Fleet of Trucks in multiple countries
* Over 25,000 Churches/Organizations involved
* Over 1,200 Volunteer Teams
* $306,155,027 of gifts in kind to date
* 379,552 volunteers mobilized


Where We Go

In the past 15 years, Convoy of Hope has been active in 46 states and over 109 countries providing disaster response, conducting community events, and directing nutritional programs and sustainability projects.

  “Day two, no help was in sight…until your Convoy of Hope pulled into our city. It was literally a blessing. We have never seen such a sight. Your company of volunteers came with a smile, a warm handshake and a word of encouragement.”
– Former Deputy Police Chief Tom Milar, Picayune, Miss.

Convoy of Hope’s headquarters,  warehouse and distribution center are located in Springfield, Missouri at the crossroads of America, where U.S. 65 and I-44 intersect. Springfield is an ideal location for the rapid transportation of goods. Loads of food and other relief supplies are transferred to and from the warehouse weekly.

  “Tell the people who sent you, ‘Thank you, for sending help to my people.’ You have literally saved our lives.”
– Rev. Daniel Prodip Gain, Bangladesh

By the end of 2009, the organization’s fleet of trucks had delivered nearly $180 million worth of food and supplies to those in need. In 2009 alone, the services of Convoy of Hope touched the lives of over 6.8 million people, including those affected by disasters in 15 countries.

  “We received an abundant amount of food, water, and ice to aid us during Hurricane Ike. I was brought to tears by the generosity of your organization and volunteers.”
– Jill, Humble, Texas

Partnering with individuals, churches, community organizations, corporate donors, and government, Convoy of Hope has been able to provide real help and lasting hope to people in need all around the world.


U.S. Outreach
Thank you for partnering with Convoy of Hope to help others in your
community. Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has mobilized, trained
and resourced local churches and other groups to help meet their
community’s physical and spiritual needs. Hundreds of outreaches
have helped millions of people in the United States and around the
This packet will introduce you to Convoy of Hope and to its U.S.
outreach models. The following pages will help you understand what a
typical outreach looks like, how it is organized and your responsibilities in
the planning process.
For more information about Convoy of Hope visit our website at
Thank you for your interest. We look forward to partnering with you and
your community

We invite you to join us next Tuesday…


You’re Invited to a STRATEGY LUNCHEON
for the 2013
The luncheon will be held
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
at 12:00 P.M.
Gospel Light C.O.G.I.C.
3135 W. Warner Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Lunch will be served promptly at noon.
Sponsored by Christ’s Ministry & Convoy of Hope
Orange County churches are being invited to partner together to sponsor a Convoy of Hope outreach on Saturday, October 5, 2013.
This is a collaborative effort to provide thousands of struggling people in our community with the gospel, groceries, health services, job fairs, family portraits, haircuts, prayer, and games and activities for children. All free of charge to each guest. The goal is to mobilize hundreds of area residents to serve and make a difference in their community. Strong participation by churches, local businesses, community service agencies and individuals is crucial to the success of this event. Through this collaborative effort we can do together what no one else could do alone.
Please share invite with Pastors in your network
714-788-8641 or rsvp@christs4ever@gmail.com


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