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Archive | September, 2012

Our Second Distribution to Students at Irvine Valley College in California…

Posted on 30 September 2012 by robertflournoy

With College students going to school to get a Higher Education having enough is a concern of L&F x10.

This is our second Food Distribution we did with the support from not only from Food Banks but also

the Irvine Valley College family. Together we were able to help support 50 students with Fresh Produce

and  Non Perishables…

Everyone who came out to volunteer from bagging to Distribution was there for one reason and that

was to support the Students they serve…




Video from our Distribution…


Thank you Vineyard Community Church for your Sponsorship of the boxes of food and Dan Manassero.

of “The Original Manassero Farms for the Fresh Produce you Donated.

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Gleaning Green Beans October 6th on “The Original Manassero Farms”

Posted on 30 September 2012 by robertflournoy


Come join us on Saturday October 6th at “The Original Manassero Farms” green bean field

on Irvine Valley College  Campus. We will be as usual doing our part to help stomp out Hunger…And Just added to Saturday’s gleaning will be two types of Melons.


ADDRESS …Irvine Valley College

                            5500 Irvine Center Drive                                  TIME:9:am-11:am

                            Irvine  Ca, 9261                                                           (Please come 15 minutes early)                                                           


DIRECTIONS…405 S. Exit Jeffrey and turn (left)/Go straight until you get to light called

    Irvine Valley and turn right into the College…Proceed straight pass the

                                    the yellow ticket booth on the left and park in the Parking Lot to the left

                                    which will be next to the filled.


DIRECTIONS5 North exit Jeffrey and go left pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called

Irvine Valley and turn left and follow the same directions as above.


DIRECTIONS5 South Exit Jeffrey and follow the road to the Jeffrey Light turn left and 

go pass Irvine Center Drive to the Light called Irvine Valley and follow the

same directions as above.


Clothes to wear…  Volunteers should wear closed toe shoes,long shirts,hats,gloves and pants

to protect themselves.


Tools…No tools required the Green Beans can be picked by hand.

Volunteers can bring bags to put Beans in as they glean.

Bring Water


Waiver…Every one must sign a waiver before they can enter the Farmers Field


Transportation…Organizations coming to glean must have their own transportation to take

back their gleaned produce.

Organizations must bring crates or bags to put beans in.

It is a good idea to line your crates with bags.

Organizations can park their transport vehicle next to the field.


A. Please bring your waiver signed..If you are new and you need me to email you one please

contact me at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com or go to my home page under Supported

Ministries and Volunteering and down load the form.


B. Gleaning Sign…Every car and  truck must have the gleaning sign on their dash board…Campus

Police will be checking for them.

                                           If you need a sign for you dash board please let me know.


Chosen Food Pantry…Volunteers not gleaning for any specific organization will be gleaning for

a Santa Ana Food Bank.


Additional Info…Any other info will be presented at the site.

Contact information…cell -714-718-2930

Last two gleaning project…

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1,000 lbs and 700 later…

Posted on 29 September 2012 by robertflournoy

We just keep going at it as long as it keeps coming. We gleaned 1,000 lbs of cucumbers today and

loaded 700 lbs of Texas  sweet onions with 8 volunteers…(Outstanding). Yes the crew was small but

the job was big with gleaning around 3 to 4 acres of cucumbers on “The Original Manssero Farms” in


Volunteers came out ready to go and bring in the bounty Manassero didn’t Harvest

We couldn’t leave until we transferred the cucumbers into Gaylords…

After we finished Board Member Loren Fransson delivered the fresh Produce to a Santa Ana Food Bank..

We didn’t leave without our sweet Texas onions Manassero Donated…


Video of today’s gleaning…

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Update for 9/17/12-9/25/12

Posted on 26 September 2012 by robertflournoy

We finally received our T-shirts for the Ministry and they look very nice…


The Presidents Birthday was September 23rd and he was presented with this cake from a close friend...


Dan Manassero step it up with Donations by Donating Heirloom tomatoes…

 Donations went to a Santa Ana Food Bank thats serves 50 Churhces…

Heart Of Compassion came from L.A to the O.C Friday 22nd for 5 Gaylords of cucumbers…

Video of them loading the truck…


50 crates were Donated today and CEO Pastor Glenn from “Hands Of Mercy Encounter” help to load them…

Pastor Glenn received 18 crates after we loaded them…

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Posted on 23 September 2012 by robertflournoy

Senior Gleaners, Inc. is a VOLUNTEER, nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping feed the hungry in 8 counties throughout Northeastern California

Senior Gleaners was founded on June 24, 1976.  Thirty retired seniors gathered to glean surplus fruits and vegetables from farmers ‘fields and orchards for their own use. The surplus were donated to a local soup kitchen. Using a private garage, food storage requirements of the organization were met by utilizingrefrigerators.  Over the years, as the amount of food substantially increased, we moved several times and continually upgraded our storage facilities with walk-in freezers and coolers.

Our organizational structure began with the founder who appointed several assistants to help distribute the food. As we developed people in the community offered volunteer and organizational assistance. We contacted food retailers and distributors and asked for their expired shelf-life food products and asked the farmers for their leftover produce after harvest.  Most began to donate on a regular basis.  The food was then sorted and channeled through our network of charitable organizations for distribution to feed the needy.


Senior Gleaners, Inc. is administered by a nine-member Board of Directors, and Advisory Board comprised of community leaders, and a large administrative staff who oversee our daily operations of retired volunteers.  We supply food and household products to 135 charities who distribute the food to the needy in our region.  In addition to food distributors, retailers, farmers and other sources of food support, or financial support comes from grants, direct mail solicitation and a Bingo operation.

We receive no federal, state or local funding, and we are not members of United Way. We rely, as we have since we were founded in1976, upon foundations, corporations, the private sector and concerned individuals for funding.

From the beginning we have insisted on fairness and equality, and have included in our Bylaws the following statement:

“No person shall  be excluded from participating in or benefiting from any activity of  this corporation by reason of race, creed, color, gender, religion or national origin.”

For 33 years Senior Gleaners, Inc. has successfully supplied food to 135 charitable organizations in Sacramento County and the outlying areas helping to feed over 3.5 million needy people. Hunger is a year round reality in our communities. We are doing what we can to lessen the pain associated with hunger and poverty.  Every loaf of bread, every carton of milk and every portion of fresh fruit or vegetables distributed to the hungry is a small step in that direction.

Our work and goal of feeding the hungry is essential and appreciated by our local charities and citizens in our region. We consider it a privilege to volunteer our time and talents to helping those less fortunate than ourselves, especially the children and the elderly, who benefit greatly from the work of Senior Gleaners, Inc.

We invite you to visit our facility at any time so that you may personally observe our operation.



5 Gaylords of cucumbers = A Lot

Posted on 23 September 2012 by robertflournoy

We are in the month of September and we are still receiving thousands of pounds of donated cucumbers

a week from Dan Manassero of “The Original Manassero Farms. Seconds is what Dan Calls them because

they are not the cute and pretty onse we are so use to in the stores but they are just as delicious

that’s why Heart Of Comapssion drives from L.A County to pick up what is called good product…

HOC already knows when they come to Orange County they are not leaving with no less than 5 Gaylords

which weighs between 8 to 1,000 lbs and this time they came to pick up for an event they are having

Saturday 22nd…


HOC or “Heart Of Compassion” didn’t come empty handed they came with 50 pies and cases of Doritos

for the students Distribution at Irvine Valley College Saturday 28th between PE 100 and 200.

Thank you HOC for your support of the Distribution at the College.


Video of HOC loading their truck…

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Channel 34 Univision Clip of L&F x10 Gleaning…

Posted on 18 September 2012 by robertflournoy

Thank you Nadia and Alex for your support…




Made for Vida Tv 62-3

This is real Raw Video…


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September 28th 2012 Distribution to Irvine Valley College Student Vets and E.O.P.S Students

Posted on 17 September 2012 by robertflournoy

IVC Fights Hunger!



When:   September 28, 2012

Time:     12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Where: IVC, Health Fitness Complex, PE-100

What:    Free Food Give Away

Thank you to Robert Flournoy (IVC Custodian) and Darryl Cox (Director of IVC Financial Aid) for the coordination of this effort! Your generous gifts will help those students that otherwise may have gone to bed hungry.


IMPORTANT: The first 25 students to reply to this email will receive a box of food and some additional fresh produce. Students must reply to my email in order to receive food so I can put you on our list. Please include your full name, ID number, number of family members and phone number. Students must be present to pick-up food on September 28th between NOON-1:00 p.m. Please plan accordingly to carry boxes of food home with you. Please bring your picture ID.


 This is an Irvine Valley College Family Food Drive for the Students they serve…


President of L&F x10 and Vince Cooper…




Student Vets…



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Certificates of Recognitions for work in the Community….

Posted on 16 September 2012 by robertflournoy











Letters of support…



Certificate given to the President from Santa Ana City Councilman David Benevides…


Certificate of Appreciation given to Dan Manassero for is support of Low Income Families.


Our first Distribution to the Student Vets and E.O.P.S students at Irvine Valley College…

Letter from Beep Colclough…
July 27, 2012
Dear Concerned Business Owner,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Extended Opportunity Programs and Services within the California Community College system. This Program serves very low income, educationally disadvantaged state residents of California that are registered as full time students. A subset of EOPS is the CARE Program serving single parents with children under age 14 who receive Welfare assistance. For comparison’s sake, Irvine Valley College serves around 16,000 students and EOPS is funded to serve only 429 students. With our limited funding, EOPS provides required textbooks, personalized counseling among lots of other services. My job is to help those at risk students with their various applications and explain the programs that would be available to help these at risk students come to school and succeed in their educational endeavors. I LOVE MY JOB!
Robert Flournoy is a co-worker here at Irvine Valley College that has been trying to bolster our resources for years now in service to our low income students and parents. He asked me to write a letter describing the needs our students face so he might better describe those needs to you as a potential donor. In my 17 years of service working with these students, I would have to say the most crucial piece of a student’s success is safe and stable housing followed by childcare (if needed) and financial resources for utilities, transportation, food and clothing.
In thinking how the community might rally to assist our most needy several ideas come to mind. If your business might provide housing assistance, student employment, or childcare…that would be beyond dreams! Less intensive, easier to accomplish ideas might include food drives, fundraising events and clothing drives. For example, donations of office/school supplies would greatly stretch our funding and give our students the boost of a new notebook and pen! The donation of a bus pass, gas card or grocery gift certificate would take stress away from a student recipient for the time being. Twice a year we have celebrations to acknowledge our students and we hold a free opportunity drawing for the attendees. Toward this drawing, any kind of merchandise would be very much appreciated. Donations would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax deductible letter from the IVC Foundation. If there is any question or ideas you would like to pursue, please don’t hesitate to call me at             (949) 451-5677      .
In humble appreciation,

Beep Colclough
EOPS Specialist


Darrly Cox…


My name is Darryl Cox. I am the Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs at Irvine Valley college. Your name and organization was forwarded to me by one of our campus employees, Mr. Robert Flournoy. Mr. Flournoy and his organization, “Loaves and Fishes x10” serve many needy people in the Santa Ana area.
Irvine Valley College has about 400 veteran students enrolled and we expect that as the wars in the middle east wind down,  many more will find their way to our campus. These individuals are facing many challenges as they make the transition from military life to educational endeavors. Many face the hardships of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), lack of housing, funding for the basic needs, employment, child care and family health services. In spite of it all, these young men and women are dedicated to achieving their goal of higher education and providing a better life for themselves and their families.
Irvine Valley College would like to partner with you and your organization to provide food distribution and services to our veterans. Most of these individuals are receiving VA educational benefits and/or federal student financial assistance. As such, their income level, household size, and resources can be verified. Most will fall below 150% of the established poverty line.
I’d like to talk to you more about our veterans, the services we offer and how we might partner with the Community Action Partnerships of Orange County and the Orange County Food Bank.
Darryl Cox
Director Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs
Irvine Valley College





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Update for 9/10/12-9/15/12

Posted on 16 September 2012 by robertflournoy

This week was a hot one for Farmers,pickers and volunteers on Manassero Fields but the job must

be done. Manassero has not let up yet on his Donations and we are very excited about that at

L&F x10. We are  now picking up Donations of cucumbers every other day from Manassero new field…


Second Harvest came out to Manassero Farms once again after we gleaned on Orange County Produce

Farm Land to pick up cucumbers Donated by Manassero…


We had to use the Ministry van to pick up cucumbers this week to take Donations to one of the

Santa Ana Food Banks…


Serve The People of Santa Ana who serves 600 people every other week came by to pick up their

load of cucumbers

With two gaylords fool this is around 1,700 lbs of cucumbers…


The day was not over yet until we were Donated more corn,cantaloup and squash…


We were able to Donate food to New Hope Assembly Of God in Santa Ana California today….

Link About AG and Dan Manassero and their giving…

Working with California Farmers to help stomp out Hunger…

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