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Photo: 150 crates donated today from The Original Manasserro Farms

L&F x10 Update for 7/23/12-7/28/12

Posted on 29 July 2012 by robertflournoy

With more donations come more responsibilities and more accountability. Dan Manassero still

continues to donate cucumbers from the filled daily as well as his pick ups from his stands around

Orange County. We average 60 to 7o crates a day full of cucumbers that are then put into Gaylords

provided by the Food Banks.

We have been donated so many cucumbers we now know just how many crates it takes to feel

a Gaylord. Earlier this week we donated enough cucumbers to feel four Gaylords for a Santa Ana

Food Bank. This  usually take 56 t0 60 crates depending on the size of the box.

Second Harvest Food Bank or “Feeding America” came  by Manassero Farm last week to pick up two

Gaylords of cucumbers for there Food Bank to help support there agencies who pick up from them.

With all the donations we have been getting from the fields for the last three weeks Manassero out

did himself today by donating 150 crates. Now many of you who read my post might say that

this person has been writing alot about cucumbers and you would be right but you half

to see the beauty of it. How many farmers are donating there first fruits or there first Harvest in

such an abundance. To be the recipient of such a blessing really is mind blowing for L&F x10

especially since the last 13 years all we have known is Food Banks,trucking etc. It is totally

different when you are in the fields seeing the produce come from the vine.


150 crates donated today…

Photo: 150 crates donated today from The Original Manasserro Farms

or 6 Gaylords…

Photo: 5 gayylords donated to Santa Ana Food bank from manassero donations.

With cucumber seasong still moving forward Dan will be picking next week and we will be ready

to receive there and also from his stands.


This weeks thank you letters…

Hi Robert,


Thank you so much for your generous donations from Manassero Farms. We received strawberries and various produce, corn, yellow and green squash on 7/11 and on 7/13 we received another pick-up from Manassero Farms of fresh produce, corn, peppers and squash which was a total weight of 2, 175 pounds.


We received another generous donation from Manassero Farms on 7/26 which included squash, corn and various produce which was a total of 800 pounds.


Thank you again for the great donations of produce for our families who are so thrilled to have beautiful produce from Manassero Farms.




Debbie Rusnak

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: svcc_lf-cntr-rgb_web

Saddleback Church Food Pantry

20131 Ellipse

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(949) 609-8624


Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.saddleback.com/site/provider/siteprovider/saddleback.com/templates/html_emails/social_icons/facebook.jpg



Thank you so much for the wonderful donation of cucumbers this past Saturday from Ag Kawamura, Orange County Produce. Our families enjoyed the fresh cucumbers so much and we were able to give each family a good amount of the cucumbers. We are serving between 3,500 and 4,000 people a month and we appreciate you so much for helping us out.

Thank you again for your generous donation to Saddleback Church Food Pantry.


Debbie Rusnak

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: svcc_lf-cntr-rgb_web

Saddleback Church Food Pantry

20131 Ellipse

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(949) 609-8624


Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.saddleback.com/site/provider/siteprovider/saddleback.com/templates/html_emails/social_icons/facebook.jpg



We are still working on our next Food Distribution for the student Vets and E.O.P.S student at the college.

We are collecting info to be used to procure from businesses in Irvine that may be interested in helping

with our project.


Letter from Beep Colclough…
July 27, 2012
Dear Concerned Business Owner,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Extended Opportunity Programs and Services within the California Community College system. This Program serves very low income, educationally disadvantaged state residents of California that are registered as full time students. A subset of EOPS is the CARE Program serving single parents with children under age 14 who receive Welfare assistance. For comparison’s sake, Irvine Valley College serves around 16,000 students and EOPS is funded to serve only 429 students. With our limited funding, EOPS provides required textbooks, personalized counseling among lots of other services. My job is to help those at risk students with their various applications and explain the programs that would be available to help these at risk students come to school and succeed in their educational endeavors. I LOVE MY JOB!
Robert Flournoy is a co-worker here at Irvine Valley College that has been trying to bolster our resources for years now in service to our low income students and parents. He asked me to write a letter describing the needs our students face so he might better describe those needs to you as a potential donor. In my 17 years of service working with these students, I would have to say the most crucial piece of a student’s success is safe and stable housing followed by childcare (if needed) and financial resources for utilities, transportation, food and clothing.
In thinking how the community might rally to assist our most needy several ideas come to mind. If your business might provide housing assistance, student employment, or childcare…that would be beyond dreams! Less intensive, easier to accomplish ideas might include food drives, fundraising events and clothing drives. For example, donations of office/school supplies would greatly stretch our funding and give our students the boost of a new notebook and pen! The donation of a bus pass, gas card or grocery gift certificate would take stress away from a student recipient for the time being. Twice a year we have celebrations to acknowledge our students and we hold a free opportunity drawing for the attendees. Toward this drawing, any kind of merchandise would be very much appreciated. Donations would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax deductible letter from the IVC Foundation. If there is any question or ideas you would like to pursue, please don’t hesitate to call me at (949) 451-5677.
In humble appreciation,

Beep Colclough
EOPS Specialist


Darrly Cox…


My name is Darryl Cox. I am the Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs at Irvine Valley college. Your name and organization was forwarded to me by one of our campus employees, Mr. Robert Flournoy. Mr. Flournoy and his organization, “Loaves and Fishes x10” serve many needy people in the Santa Ana area.
Irvine Valley College has about 400 veteran students enrolled and we expect that as the wars in the middle east wind down,  many more will find their way to our campus. These individuals are facing many challenges as they make the transition from military life to educational endeavors. Many face the hardships of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), lack of housing, funding for the basic needs, employment, child care and family health services. In spite of it all, these young men and women are dedicated to achieving their goal of higher education and providing a better life for themselves and their families.
Irvine Valley College would like to partner with you and your organization to provide food distribution and services to our veterans. Most of these individuals are receiving VA educational benefits and/or federal student financial assistance. As such, their income level, household size, and resources can be verified. Most will fall below 150% of the established poverty line.
I’d like to talk to you more about our veterans, the services we offer and how we might partner with the Community Action Partnerships of Orange County and the Orange County Food Bank.
Darryl Cox
Director Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs
Irvine Valley College
If  you would like to donate to our project at Irvine Valley College you can contact us at
loavesandfishesx10@yahoo.com..All gifts are Tax Deductable.
Also if you would like to participate in our gleaning projects please conatct us at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com
Thank you.

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Hard to believe in our Country..

Posted on 27 July 2012 by robertflournoy

US Poverty On Track To Rise To Highest Since 1960s


The ranks of America’s poor are on track to climb to levels unseen in nearly half a century, erasing gains from the war on poverty in the 1960s amid a weak economy and fraying government safety net.

Census figures for 2011 will be released this fall in the critical weeks ahead of the November elections.

The Associated Press surveyed more than a dozen economists, think tanks and academics, both nonpartisan and those with known liberal or conservative leanings, and found a broad consensus: The official poverty rate will rise from 15.1 percent in 2010, climbing as high as 15.7 percent. Several predicted a more modest gain, but even a 0.1 percentage point increase would put poverty at the highest level since 1965.

Poverty is spreading at record levels across many groups, from underemployed workers and suburban families to the poorest poor. More discouraged workers are giving up on the job market, leaving them vulnerable as unemployment aid begins to run out. Suburbs are seeing increases in poverty, including in such political battlegrounds as Colorado, Florida and Nevada, where voters are coping with a new norm of living hand to mouth.

“I grew up going to Hawaii every summer. Now I’m here, applying for assistance because it’s hard to make ends meet. It’s very hard to adjust,” said Laura Fritz, 27, of Wheat Ridge, Colo., describing her slide from rich to poor as she filled out aid forms at a county center. Since 2000, large swaths of Jefferson County just outside Denver have seen poverty nearly double.

Fritz says she grew up wealthy in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch, but fortunes turned after her parents lost a significant amount of money in the housing bust. Stuck in a half-million dollar house, her parents began living off food stamps and Fritz’s college money evaporated. She tried joining the Army but was injured during basic training.

Now she’s living on disability, with an infant daughter and a boyfriend, Garrett Goudeseune, 25, who can’t find work as a landscaper. They are struggling to pay their $650 rent on his unemployment checks and don’t know how they would get by without the extra help as they hope for the job market to improve.

In an election year dominated by discussion of the middle class, Fritz’s case highlights a dim reality for the growing group in poverty. Millions could fall through the cracks as government aid fromunemployment insurance, Medicaid, welfare and food stamps diminishes.

“The issues aren’t just with public benefits. We have some deep problems in the economy,” said Peter Edelman, director of the Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy.

He pointed to the recent recession but also longer-term changes in the economy such as globalization, automation, outsourcing, immigration, and less unionization that have pushed median household income lower.

Even after strong economic growth in the 1990s, poverty never fell below a 1973 low of 11.1 percent. That low point came after President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty, launched in 1964, that created Medicaid, Medicare and other social welfare programs.

“I’m reluctant to say that we’ve gone back to where we were in the 1960s. The programs we enacted make a big difference. The problem is that the tidal wave of low-wage jobs is dragging us down and the wage problem is not going to go away anytime soon,” Edelman said.

Stacey Mazer of the National Association of State Budget Officers said states will be watching for poverty increases when figures are released in September as they make decisions about the Medicaid expansion. Most states generally assume poverty levels will hold mostly steady and they will hesitate if the findings show otherwise. “It’s a constant tension in the budget,” she said.

The predictions for 2011 are based on separate AP interviews, supplemented with research on suburban poverty from Alan Berube of the Brookings Institution and an analysis of federal spending by the Congressional Research Service and Elise Gould of the Economic Policy Institute.

The analysts’ estimates suggest that some 47 million people in the U.S., or 1 in 6, were poor last year. An increase of one-tenth of a percentage point to 15.2 percent would tie the 1983 rate, the highest since 1965. The highest level on record was 22.4 percent in 1959, when the government began calculating poverty figures.

Poverty is closely tied to joblessness. While the unemployment rate improved from 9.6 percent in 2010 to 8.9 percent in 2011, the employment-population ratio remained largely unchanged, meaning many discouraged workers simply stopped looking for work. Food stamp rolls, another indicator of poverty, also grew.

Demographers also say:

Poverty will remain above the pre-recession level of 12.5 percent for many more years. Several predicted that peak poverty levels – 15 percent to 16 percent – will last at least until 2014, due to expiring unemployment benefits, a jobless rate persistently above 6 percent and weak wage growth.

Suburban poverty, already at a record level of 11.8 percent, will increase again in 2011.

Part-time or underemployed workers, who saw a record 15 percent poverty in 2010, will rise to a new high.

Poverty among people 65 and older will remain at historically low levels, buoyed by Social Security cash payments.

Child poverty will increase from its 22 percent level in 2010.

Analysts also believe that the poorest poor, defined as those at 50 percent or less of the poverty level, will remain near its peak level of 6.7 percent.

“I’ve always been the guy who could find a job. Now I’m not,” said Dale Szymanski, 56, a Teamsters Union forklift operator and convention hand who lives outside Las Vegas in Clark County.

In a state where unemployment ranks highest in the nation, the Las Vegas suburbs have seen a particularly rapid increase in poverty from 9.7 percent in 2007 to 14.7 percent.

Szymanski, who moved from Wisconsin in 2000, said he used to make a decent living of more than $40,000 a year but now doesn’t work enough hours to qualify for union health care. He changed apartments several months ago and sold his aging 2001 Chrysler Sebring in April to pay expenses.

“You keep thinking it’s going to turn around. But I’m stuck,” he said.

The 2010 poverty level was $22,314 for a family of four, and $11,139 for an individual, based on an official government calculation that includes only cash income, before tax deductions. It excludes capital gains or accumulated wealth, such as home ownership, as well as noncash aid such as food stamps and tax credits, which were expanded substantially under President Barack Obama’s stimulus package.

An additional 9 million people in 2010 would have been counted above the poverty line if food stamps and tax credits were taken into account.

Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, believes the social safety net has worked and it is now time to cut back. He worries that advocates may use a rising poverty rate to justify additional spending on the poor, when in fact, he says, many live in decent-size homes, drive cars and own wide-screen TVs.

A new census measure accounts for noncash aid, but that supplemental poverty figure isn’t expected to be released until after the November election. Since that measure is relatively new, the official rate remains the best gauge of year-to-year changes in poverty dating back to 1959.

Few people advocate cuts in anti-poverty programs. Roughly 79 percent of Americans think the gap between rich and poor has grown in the past two decades, according to a Public Religion Research Institute/RNS Religion News survey from November 2011. The same poll found that about 67 percent oppose “cutting federal funding for social programs that help the poor” to help reduce the budget deficit.

Outside of Medicaid, federal spending on major low-income assistance programs such as food stamps, disability aid and tax credits have been mostly flat at roughly 1.5 percent of the gross domestic product from 1975 to the 1990s. Spending spiked higher to 2.3 percent of GDP after Obama’s stimulus program in 2009 temporarily expanded unemployment insurance and tax credits for the poor.

The U.S. safety net may soon offer little comfort to people such as Jose Gorrin, 52, who lives in the western Miami suburb of Hialeah Gardens. Arriving from Cuba in 1980, he was able to earn a decent living as a plumber for years, providing for his children and ex-wife. But things turned sour in 2007 and in the past two years he has barely worked, surviving on the occasional odd job.

His unemployment aid has run out, and he’s too young to draw Social Security.



gleaningfarmland@gmail.com for volunteer opportunities.


Correction this was a harvest of cabbage for low income families..

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Article Tab: Ivan Lopez, right, grins as he as he tends to the table featuring his team

Going forward supporting Valley High School Inc. Academies…

Posted on 24 July 2012 by robertflournoy


Description: cid:image003.jpg@01CD6448.39245E00                                                                              Article Tab: Ivan Lopez, right, grins as he as he tends to the table featuring his team's winning menu, while his teammates, Ashley Blanco, center, and Alejandro Alex Hernández, left,  share a laugh. In this photo, they competed in a cooking competition at Gonzalez Northgate  Markets headquarters in Anaheim, part of the lead-up to a national competition in May.

July 23, 2012


To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is to support the non-profit organization Loaves & Fishes X 10 and the president, Mr. Robert Flournoy.


I am compelled to tell you that Mr. Flournoy has been very instrumental to our students and the High School Inc.,CulinaryArts & Hospitality Academy which includes 2,300 at-risk students inSanta AnaatValleyHigh School. We, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and theSanta AnaUnifiedSchool Districthave a partnership to develop the economic base for the City of Santa Ana. Our students are the poorest in theSanta AnaUnifiedSchool Districtand have the highest drop-out rate in the county.  With our program, High School Inc. we provide hands-on training such as cooking in class that also includes oral presentation, pallet development, career exploration in the industry, and much more.  We aim at the critical thinking and problem solving skills that are needed on the job besides culinary training.


Mr. Flournoy came to our aid when the school was without a budget to provide food for cooking labs.  We calculated that we needed $500 in groceries per week for cooking labs at Valley High.  Mr. Flornoy was so helpful and generous to provide for us that he has stayed on as a full-fledged academy member, we value his affiliation so much.  He continues with us in many other ways that benefit the students.  He provides field trips to the farms for gleaning, an important piece for culinary students to learn how produced is raised and harvested.  He provides food for our competition team; see the attached article for information, as we have the national champions for Cooking Up Change, a national award that is given to top students who have made a school lunch, using cafeteria food selections and dietary restrictions.  They have recently come fromWashingtonD.C. where they met with the U.S. Department of Education and made their award-winning dish for Congress.


Our success has been largely from Mr. Flournoy and others like him.  We count of their involvement and their commitment to help us from training techniques, food preparations and food.  We are so pleased to have made connections with Loaves & Fishes x 10.  It is an organization that truly cares about the community.


I completely support what Loaves & Fishes x 10 provides for the greater good of the community.  If you can support him as well, I know you will not have any reservations.






Sharon Gomez


High School Inc. Academies

1801S. Greenville

Santa Ana,CA92704

(714) 981-1796 / Shgomez@pacbell.net


 O.C Register write up…




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Give and it will come back to you..press down,shaken together and running over

Posted on 22 July 2012 by robertflournoy

If you can be trusted in the small things God gives you to work with in time he will give you bigger

and more. Two weeks ago Dan Manassero called me to say he wanted me to give him some crates

to feel while his people were Harvesting  but little did I know how much I was going to receive for donations.

For two weeks straight Food Banks and Food Pantries have been coming to his farm to pick up

the Donations to take back to the community. We are very happy Dan Manassero has seen that

L&F x10 is responsible with whatever he is willing to Donate. We believe in being accountable

to whatever is in our hands.


New Hope Assembly Of God…


South West Community Center…



The president was given a Certificate Of Recognition…


for his Distribution to the Vets and E.O.P.S student at Irvine Valley College.


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WOW!! what a busy day in the fields…

Posted on 21 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Photo: First time seeing a corn field

Corn filled just like in the movies….Hmmm


The day started at 8:am with me meeting Hawk at Manassero’s  Farm in Irvine for corn. He was picking

it up for State Senator Lou Correa “Family Fitness Day” event that was being held today in Westminster.

10 crates was donated to help feed the families that were going to participate.


Gleaning O.C Produce…

Volunteers began to show up around 8:45 at the Great Park to glean for Food Pantries. The day was

nice and everyone looked energetic and ready to go. We had our short orientation about waivers and

safety. We then proceeded to the field to began gleaning(96 Billion Pounds of edible produce goes to

waste in our Country”)to help stomp out hunger in Orange County.


Donated to O.C Rescue mission today after the gleaning…



Saddleback Church Food Pantry…


Volunteers were very busy at work pulling in what was left on the fields from the Harvest. We finished

earlier than what was expected and began to load a truck and the Ministry van so that the cucumbers

can be transported to the Food Pantries. Volunteers as usual were able to take home what they wanted

from the fields. The Ministry van took one Gaylord and 25 Crates to drop off at Saddleback Food Pantry

along with a volunteer who loaded his truck.


Face Book Pics…



Today’s short video…


Over all it was an experience and the first time I believe that Organic Cucumbers have ever been

gleaned at the Great Park. This was a wonderful experience to be able to glean Organic produce once

again for community.



I received a call from A.G Kawamura of  O.C Produce telling me there may be an opportunity to glean

Squash next weekend so don’t miss out to help feed the community.


 As Usual if you want to participate you can contact me at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com

for info on how you can participate next weekend.


Thank You.

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Update for the week 7/16/12-7/19/12

Posted on 20 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Photo: Pallet of Orange Juice Donated to.... Saddleback Church Food Pantry was donated a pallet of Orange Juice that was Donated by Operation Blessing. OB (A.K.A )Operation Blessing is an International Food Ministry that helps to feed around the world.

Donations to Serve The People in Santa Ana…

Manassero with his generosity is still Donating to L&F x10 Corn,squash,tomatoes,zuccini and more. Cucumbers are coming straight from the fields as the Harvesters pick for market. As of today Manassero has Donated over 150 crates of cucumbers with Friday and Saturday still to come. Organizations have been coming down to Manassero’s to pick up the crates for there Food Banks and the community they serve.


As of today 135 crates went to four food banks including pantries in Santa Ana…


State Senator Lou Correa is having a Family Fitness Day and we have been procuring to help feed

the families that will be coming to this event.

Pallet of produce for the event…


With 3 to 5 more pallets of produce coming including Corn with it we believe this will help to make

the event a very successful one.


Saddleback Food Pantry is doing it’s part to bring volunteers out to this Saturday’s gleaning project

at the Great Park where we hope to glean 4 to 5,000 lbs of cucumbers.

Would you like to help feed families in need?


come and help us harvest cucumbers in Irvine.

Saturday, July 21st from 9 AM – 11 AM.

Please email Carrie Miranda

Saddleback Church Food Pantry for further information


Thank you again for helping!  We welcome any friends or family that would like to serve.  All ages welcome.

Description: Description: http://photos2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/CSP/CSP413/k4137588.jpg

So much happening and not enough time to do it all. Stay tune for video of our gleaning project this Saturday

at the Great Park.


Cucumbers Anybody….Gleaning on Saturday 21st from 9:am to 11:am

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Exciting times for Valley High School Culinary Class…

Posted on 19 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Photo: Certificate Of Appreciation for Volunteerism at  High School Inc. at Valley High.

Sharon Gomez…Director of High School Inc.

Monica Aguilar…Valley High School Culinary  Arts Instructor 

Robert Flournoy…Sponsor of the High School Inc. Culinary Arts & Hospitality culinary arts      team:



Teens’ winning recipe: teamwork, practice and love


Three recent graduates of Valley High School set their sights on culinary careers following national cooking victory.


Article in Full… 





SANTA ANA – Three Valley High alumni will study culinary arts in college, and plan to pursue careers in the restaurant industry after winning a national cooking competition.


Ashley Blanco, Alejandro Hernandez and Ivan Lopez, all 18 and from Santa Ana, studied culinary arts and hospitality in the High School Inc. Academies at Valley High School.

Description: Article Tab: Ivan Lopez, right, grins as he as he tends to the table featuring his team's winning menu, while his teammates, Ashley Blanco, center, and Alejandro Alex Hernández, left,  share a laugh. In this photo, they competed in a cooking competition at Gonzalez Northgate  Markets headquarters in Anaheim, part of the lead-up to a national competition in May.  Ivan Lopez, right, grins as he as he tends to the table featuring his team’s winning menu, while his teammates, Ashley Blanco, center, and Alejandro “Alex” Hernández, left, share a laugh. In this photo, they competed in a cooking competition at Gonzalez Northgate Markets headquarters in Anaheim, part of the lead-up to a national competition in May.


Just a few weeks before graduation in June, they won the national Cooking Up Change competition in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the nonprofit Healthy Schools Campaign.


The idea was to cook a healthy meal that teens across American would want to eat at their school cafeterias to help defeat obesity and diabetes that can affect lower-income residents in places like Santa Ana and across the country. The student chefs had to take into account such factors as tight school budgets and cooking deadlines.


“Mother Nature gives us these wonderful ingredients to consume,” said Hernandez. “It’s up to us to see what we can do with them, how we can incorporate them in the kitchen so that we can eat them and become more healthy.”


Six teams from across the U.S. took part.


The three members of the winning Valley team received cookware, a $200 gift certificate from an online cooking store and dinner at a fine-dining restaurant. After winning a local competition sponsored by Northgate Gonzalez Markets, each will receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend Orange Coast College and its respected culinary program.


The winning meal included lemon and spinach chicken, Tuscan bean salad, and cinnamon poached pear, and the dishes will be featured for lunch at the Longworth Cafeteria for congressional leaders and their staffs.


Blanco, the team captain, said the competition taught her the importance of goal-setting.  ” I learned how people can easily accomplish anything if they set their mind to it,” she said.


The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, through an agreement with Santa Ana Unified, began its High School Inc. Academies program five years ago in an effort to build a stronger economic and employment base by creating an opportunity for youth to train for careers before they graduate from high school.


The culinary program is one of six at Valley High School that are part of High School Inc. Academies. It’s the most popular, with 185 students.


According to Sharon Gomez, who is director of High School Inc. Academies, about half the 2,300 sophomores, juniors and seniors at the school are in an academy. The academies provide potential career paths, and also provide skills that will help students get jobs while they’re in college, she said.


“We have 200 volunteers working as the business partners that give their time freely to ensure that the students have linkages to professional employment information, role models, internships, and resources,” she said. “The business partners provide in-class or after school training in customer service, market research, medical competitions, culinary instructions and other activities all at no cost.”


The victory by the culinary team marked the greatest success the program has achieved so far.


“We never thought our kids were going to win at nationals,” she said. “We thought it was great to compete. We also knew it was a very stiff competition.”


Local business partners and chefs affiliated with the Culinary Academy worked in the classroom with 10 teams of students from Valley High School preparing for an Orange County competition held in March at the Northgate Gonzalez Markets corporate headquarters and sponsored by Orange County-based Kid Healthy. The teams started practicing in November.


Judges from celebrity television shows, restaurateurs, and community leaders were recruited to select the winning team to go to Washington D.C.


The winners were mentored by Fit Chef Katy Clark, a food and lifestyle coach from The Food Network. She worked with the students in culinary class, after school and on weekends to prepare for the national competition.


Monica Aguilar, culinary arts instructor at Valley High, said that the team arrived in Washington on a Sunday in late May, did some sight-seeing the next morning and then competed all that afternoon, before a reception was held and the winners announced. Each of the coaches had only a few minutes with the teams, and then they had to go it alone.


The other teams, her students said, were nervous and unorganized.


“They set up their equipment, reorganized their rack with their food and got down to business,” she said of her Falcon squad.


The most difficult part, said Blanco, was standing before the judges.


“I’m not much of a person who likes to stand up on stages,” said Blanco, who, like Hernandez, is interning this summer at Paradise Café in Irvine’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. “So it was difficult to stand on a stage and talk to a crowd.”


For Lopez, the challenge was the pressure cooker of the competition.


“The pressure of having everyone staring at you while cooking under a time limit in the kitchen was hard,” said Lopez, who also works at a restaurant. “The owner of the restaurant kitchen was watching, as well as cameras and news reporters.”


Aguilar, of Cypress, graduated from Valley in 1979, and worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years. She’s been teaching at her alma mater since 2003.


She said it made a difference that her team was able to work for several months with mentors from business partners. And as a result of support from their sponsoring businesses, they were able to stay a couple of extra days in Washington, visiting such locales as the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the House of Representatives, for a congressional briefing on the future of school food where an item from each team’s meal was presented.


They also stopped for a meal at the historic Old Ebbitt Grill, where Aguilar asked if her students could meet the chef. The head chef came out and gave them an impromptu 45-minute tour.


“I believe that’s what had my students so calm and prepared,” she said. “We practice a lot, and mentors came in. I’ve had the students for three years. We’ve been learning people and communication skills for three years, so they were very prepared in that area. It was oral presentation skills that put them over the top.”


The team members said they learned all about teamwork and communication.

“It was practice, practice,” Hernandez said. “Practice makes perfect. Practice makes us win. I love what we prepared. It’s the love that will make our meal unique, and hopefully it will continue to be served around the whole nation.”



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Cucumbers Anybody….Gleaning on Saturday 21st from 9:am to 11:am

Posted on 17 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Harvested 4 tons of Cabbage last time at the “Great Park”


Cucumbers are ready how  about you…We have another opportunity to help stomp out Hunger

through a gleaning project at the Great Park. We are hoping to glean 4 to 5,000 lbs this weekend

coming up and we need all volunteers to come out and make it successful. This is our first time

gleaning Cucumbers and we know it will be exciting so make sure you don’t miss this event as we

team up with volunteers from Second Harvest (“Feeding America”).


Information for all gleaners who are coming out Saturday 21 st from 9:am to 11:am…



If you come south on the 5 freeway exit Sand Canyon and go left to Marine Way( Turn Right)

and follow the street until you get to a Guard Shack and then ( Turn Left)

follow street all the way pass the Balloon which you will see on your right until you get to a stop sign

After you stopped continue to go straight across and make a (Right) and head toward the field

There you will park next to the field so that every one can caravan to the Cucumber field.


If you come from the 5 North freeway exit Sand Canyon and go (Right) to Marine way (Left)

and follow the street until you get to a Guard Shack and then ( Turn Left)

follow street all the way pass the Balloon which you will see on your right until you get to a stop sign

After you stopped continue to go straight across and make a (Right) and head toward the field

There you will park next to the field so that every one can caravan to the Cucumber field.


There will be signs out to help you find your way…


WHAT TO — USE…Wear long shirts,closed toe shoes,Garden Gloves,Hat if  it is hot,bring 

                                       water and wear pants.


TOOLS… No tools needed Cucumbers can be twisted off.


WAIVER… Please bring your waiver signed and ready…If you dont have one you can

download it from the WEB SITE under volunteer


Crates or boxes… As usual all Organizations need to bring there own crates or boxes.

 If you don’t have any I will have some on hand for you to borrow


The president will be in a White Ford Van waiting for all the volunteers and Organizations

to show up so he or A.G Kawamura the Farmer will lead the way to the site.


We ask that every one be there 15 minutes early so we can get to the site and check all waivers

and have a short orientation and then you can proceed to gleaning.


Last Interview with A.G Kawamura…


Thank you and hope to see you there.

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We are finally back after two weeks of Internet issues…

Posted on 15 July 2012 by robertflournoy

Where do we began…Hmmm..ok Manassero as always continues to help feed the low income families

in Orange County California through his Donations of fresh produce from his Farm Land around the

County and they are getting bigger each week. Corn was delivered to South West Community Center

and Pastor Glenn of “Hands Of Mercy Encounter”


45 crates of corn…


Pastor Glenn from “Hands Of Mercy Encounter” who serves 3,000 people a month…



Pallet of Squash….

Half a pallet of Squash was Donated to “New Hope Assembly Of God”



“New Hope Assembly Of God” feeds the Homeless and families…


Yes we have been busy since the last time we posted what L&F x10 has been doing to help the

Community. Gleaning opportunities have been available at The Great Park including gleaning this  Saturday

21st and Sunday 22nd for Cucumbers. This will be our first time gleaning Cucumbers and we are believing

we will pull in many pounds for the Community.


Cucumbers straight from the Farm…

We will be very busy on the fields with Manassero’s continued support of Cucumbers . Organizations

look forward to them because they come straight from the field and not like many donations that are

trucked to the Warehouses and then to Food Banks. We can truly say it is a big Blessing to be able to

get them after there picked.


Grateful emails  continue to come in thanking us for the fresh produce but we give all the thanks

to Dan Manassero of “The Original Manssero Farms”



Thank you so much for all your generous donations. We so greatly appreciate you and caring to feed God’s people.

The families love all the fresh vegetables, fruits and beautiful strawberries that we have received.

We are feeding almost 4,000 people a month and because of you and helping us through this process Saddleback Church Food Pantry wants to thank you.

Continue your great work and letting us be a part of it.




Debbie Rusnak

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: svcc_lf-cntr-rgb_web

Saddleback Church Food Pantry

20131 Ellipse

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(949) 609-8624


Robert please pass this along to Dan Manassero…
Dear Dan
On behalf of Hands of Mercy and the many families and individuals who receive food from us on a daily basis I would like to thank you for your continued generousity in donating such awesome produce. Especially recently the cucumbers. They were incredible. Thanks Dan.
Glenn Whitaker
Executive Director
Hands of Mercy, Encounter!
1233 E. Warner Ave.,
Santa Ana, CA. 92705



I want to thank you and all of the volunteers that help glean the fields that supply us with all of the fresh fruit and vegetables.  Our veterans at the 10 houses enjoy getting fresh veggies and fruit now and then.  Please thank everyone involved from all of us here at Veterans First.


Linda Lomask


1540 East Edinger Avenue

Suite D

Santa Ana, CA  92705

(714) 547-0615

(714) 547-8678 – fax




Thank you so much for the 788 pounds of fresh strawberries from Manassero Farms for the week of 6-11 – 6-15.


The families loved the fresh strawberries and berries and all of the produce that was donated to Saddleback Church Food Pantry.


Thank you again Robert for your servants heart, we appreciate you!





We want to thank Manassero and AG Kawamura for opening up their Farm Land to our Organization.

It is our desire to work with other Farms around Orange County.

As always if you would like to help in our gleaning projects to fight hunger please contact us
at gleaningfarmland@gmail.com
Thank you.
Manassero’s Award last year for his support…Sorry volume affected


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