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Archive | June, 2012

L&F x10 Update for this week…

Posted on 29 June 2012 by robertflournoy

President Robert met with Sam from Second Harvest on Monday 25th to discuss collaborating

on gleaning projects on Orange County Produce Farm Land on the Great Park in Irvine. Sam is over

Second Harvest “The Incredible Edible Park” and also their Harvesting and gleaning projects. The

meeting went well with both the President and Sam agreeing to support each other on the projects.

With Second Harvest having over 6,000 volunteers the president felt that he could get the job done

on the fields.

We continue to stay busy as Dan donates daily to L&F x10 fresh produce from his Farm In Irvine.

Donations continue to support Food Pantries and also Organizations that cook daily for the community

Volunteers gleaned green beans Saturday 23rd for Veterans first and South West Community Center.

Beans were delivered on Monday 25th because both organizations are closed on the weekends.

Veterans First houses 120 Homeless vets while South West Community Center cooks for

over 4,800 people a month.


Manassero called the president this week to tell him he has Cucumbers he wanted to donate from his

fields and that crates were needed to put the Cucumbers in.

We learned one thing receiving Donations from Farm Lands and that is  people can

be very picky about how their produce looks before they buy it. We know that Farmers will pick

what seems right for the market and what they feel is acceptable to the consumer. We thank the

Lord he has open the door for us to be able to Harvest and glean. Manassero has Donated

over 164 crates of Cucumbers to L&F x10 which then have been distributed to Organizations.


We have been able to support with Cucumbers three Organizations that feed around 8 to 10,000 people

combined per month. We are very excited we were able to help put food on their tables and we will

continue to do so with the help from our friends.




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Outstanding day in the fields…

Posted on 24 June 2012 by robertflournoy

The weather was great and excitemnet was in the air today as the volunteers showed up to help

stomp out Hunger through our gleaning project on Manassero Farms in Irvine California.

The president gave his introduction and orientation to the volunteers to make sure everyone was

on the same page with what was going on and what was expected on the fields to keep it safe

for everyone. He spoke about the 64 acres of Farm Land Manassero has on the College Campus

and also what he was growing. He mentioned to everyone the opportunity to glean on AG Kawamura

Orange County produce which is on the Great Park on the old El Toro Base.


Volunteers got right to work on the fields and had a great time gleaning. Saddleback Church Food

Pantry sent volunteers and so did Families Forward. We also had volunteers come out to glean 135 lbs

for South West Community Center and Veterans First of Sanat Ana. National Charity League gleaned

73 lbs for Families Forward.


Saddleback volunteers glean 163 lbs…

Volunteers also came from Riverside to help with the project and we very much appreciate them

for their time and making the drive.

Volunteers are told they can always take home some of whatever they glean for that weekend but

this time the President gave to them fresh Squash and Zucchini. He felt that the volunteers make

such an effort to come out on their Saturdays that they deserved the produce.





Video of gleaning 6/23/12…



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This weeks updates…

Posted on 23 June 2012 by robertflournoy

Saddleback Food Pantry was Blessed last week from L&F x10 by picking up Donations from

The Original Manassero Farms for their families they serve. According to the Food Pantry Manager

they received 788 lbs of fresh mixed produce Monday through Thursday.


Saddleback Church Food Pantry continues to be a strong supporter of L&F x10.


Pastor Glenn of  “Hands Of Mercy Encounter in Santa Ana was also a recipient of Donations that

week. Pastor Glenn picked up Donations from Ted Thacker of Thackerberry Farms and also received

Manassero Donations as well.


This week we were busy getting back in to the swing of things with daily pick ups from Manassero

and some from Ted Thacker.

Tomorrow June 23rd we will be gleaning Green Beans again for low income families in Orange

County. We have had great feed back about the experience volunteers are having gleaning for

the Community. Monday the President has a meeting with one of the biggest Food Banks in our

Country about partnering on gleaning projects. We will keep you updated on how that goes.


Ted Thacker of Thackerberry Farms Donated 5 flats of Strawberries to California  State Senator Lou Correa

young Senators event Saturday 23rd. This event will discuss about legislation and the Budget .


We invite you to come and be a part of what we are doing to help stomp out Hunger in

Orange County with our gleaning projects. Invite your friends,organizations,businesses

to be a part of itThe more volunteers the more we can feed the Community.


Thank You

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The taste of The Original Manassero Farms Sweet White Corn…

Posted on 19 June 2012 by robertflournoy

What can we say about Manassero’s corn but it is something that has left many people talking about it.

Corn that was Donated to last years events like Senator Lou Correa Health Event,The First O.C Stand

Down in Santa Ana was so popular they were already hoping to be able to get it again this Summer.

Organizations like OCEA enjoyed BBQ it for the Stand Down which helped to feed Homeless Vets and

their families. Max Madrid from the Senators office cooked it at the Health Fair in Garden Grove which

fed around 500 people.

Last year Manssero Donated 42 crates of Corn x 40 per crate for Food Pantries and the only

transportation at the time that was available to load and deliver was the Presidents Honda. Can you

imagine loading 42 crates of Corn into a Honda and then driving it to a Food Pantry.

As you can see the car had corn coming out every where but that didn’t detour the president from

accomplishing his goal to deliver what the Lord had given him. I think sometimes he believe he is

a super hero with all the corn he gets Donated…


Could I be right….Hmmmm

Photo: Higher Contrast to give one to looks very Heroic


We are looking forward to growing our  relationship with Manassero this Summer as we receive Donations

and continue to glean his Farm Land.

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Gleaning Saturday 23rd on The Original Manassero Farms on Irvine Valley College Campus

Posted on 13 June 2012 by robertflournoy

OK..here’s our second gleaning project on Manassero Farms to help feed the low income in Orange County.


ADDRESS …Irvine Valley College

                            5500 Irvine Center Drive                                  TIME:9:am-11:am

                            Irvine  Ca, 9261


DIRECTIONS…405 S. Exit Jeffrey and turn (left)/Go straight until you get to light called

    Irvine Valley and turn right into the College…Proceed straight pass the

                                    the yellow ticket booth on the left and park in the Parking Lot to the left

which will be next to the filled.


DIRECTIONS5 North exit Jeffrey and go left pass Irvine Center Drive to the light called

Irvine Valley and turn left and follow the same directions as above.


DIRECTIONS5 South Exit Jeffrey and follow the road to the Jeffrey Light turn left and 

go pass Irvine Center Drive to the Light called Irvine Valley and follow the

same directions as above.


Clothes to wear…  Volunteers should wear closed toe shoes,long shirts,hats,gloves and pants

to protect themselves.


Tools…No tools required the Green Beans can be picked by hand.

Volunteers can bring bags to put Beans in as they glean.

Bring Water


Waiver…Every one must sign a waiver before they can enter the Farmers Field


Transportation…Organizations coming to glean must have their own transportation to take

back their gleaned produce.

Organizations must bring crates or bags to put beans in.

It is a good idea to line your crates with bags.

Organizations can park their transport vehicle next to the field.


A. Please bring your waiver signed..If you are new and you need me to email you one please

contact me.


B. Gleaning Sign…Every car and  truck must have the gleaning sign on their dash board…Campus

Police will be checking for them.

 If you need a sign for you dash board please let me know.


Chosen Food Pantry…Volunteers not gleaning for any specific organization will be supporting

South West Community Center  who serves meals to almost 4,800 a month and Veterans First an

organization who houses 120  Homeless Vets.


Additional Info…Any other info will be presented at the site.

Contact information…cell 714-718-2930


Trust Link Account from BBB…



June 9th gleaning project raw and uncut….

Last years interview with Vida Tv 62-3 


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WOW!!! Our First gleaning project of the year turned out to be a great success.

Posted on 10 June 2012 by robertflournoy

The day started off as usual with anticipation that all the volunteers were going to show up to glean

for the Community on the six acres that had already been Harvested. Dan Manassero of The Original

Manassero Farms had already Harvested to days prior to our gleaning Saturday.

We had many different ages come out from Churches,Organizations as well as just people concerned

about the Hunger issue we have in Orange County. Some volunteers came from as far as Corona to help.

We had a volunteer who was in town from over seas and came out to glean…Thank you Robert for

your support.

We ended at 11:00:am with around 600 lbs of Green Beans gleaned in less than two hours.





See video of today’s gleaning…raw and uncut

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Photo: Certificate Of Appreciation for Volunteerism at  High School Inc. at Valley High.

President of L&F x10 received a Certificate for his support of Valley High School Inc.

Posted on 05 June 2012 by robertflournoy

Photo: Certificate Of Appreciation for Volunteerism at  High School Inc. at Valley High.

Sharon Gomez…Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

Monica Agular…Valley High School Culinary Class Teacher

Robert Flournoy…President of Loaves and Fishes x10


Three High School Inc. students win a national culinary competition in D.C

PRESS  RELEASE: May 22, 2012

CONTACT: Sharon Gomez, Program Director, High School Inc. Academies, Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce,             (714) 541-5353      , x.118

Three High School Inc. Students Win at National Culinary Competition
High School Inc., workforce development students put skills to the test

SANTA ANA – Ashley Blanco, Alejandro Hernandez and Ivan Lopez, senior Culinary Arts and Hospitality students in the High School Inc. Academies at Valley High School, were first-place winners in a recent competition in Washington, D.C. The team cooked a healthy meal that teens across American have indicated they would like to eat at their school cafeteria.

This was part of a national organization that promotes healthy eating in schools to lower childhood obesity that is prevalent in the poor neighborhoods of Santa Ana and others across the nation. The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce began its High School Inc. program five years ago in an effort to build a stronger economic base by empowering youth to train for careers before they graduate from high school.

Among the people to help make this change for the academy students is, Natalie Vishny, President of Swellegant, a wedding and event planning company and Andres Batta, Allstate Financial Services Representative, Co Champions/Committee Chairs who have fostered career development, mentorship, and hands-on education. Others coaches, are Vince Kikugawa, Owner, Paradise Restaurant/Crowne Plaza Hotel; Patty Saldivar, Owner, Teresa’s Jewelers; Chef Anais Trudel, So Cal Farmers Market/Mix Mart; Rett LeMoult, retired, Morgan Stanley Citi Smith Barney; Jesse Baker, President, CoEfficiency Organization; Natalie Tong, California Restaurant Association Foundation; Sharon Barlow, Owner, Sharon & Sons Floor to Ceiling; and Tyler Endres, Chef’s Toys.

Local business partners and chefs affiliated with the Culinary Academy worked in the classroom with ten teams of students preparing for an Orange Countycompetition held in March at the Northgate Gonzalez Markets corporate headquarters. Judges from celebrity television shows, restaurateurs, and community leaders were recruited to select the winning team to go to Washington D.C. That team—Ashley, Ivan and Alex—became mentees of FitChef Katy, a food and lifestyle coach from The Food Network. She worked with the students in culinary class, after school and on weekends to prepare for the national competition.

Monica Aguilar, culinary arts instructor at Valley High and business partner with High School Inc., provided an instrumental role in the overall development of the students’ customer service skills and program support. While in Washington D.C. as winners, the team and instructor Aguilar attended a special briefing with Arne Duncan, Secretary of the Department of Education, and with members of the U.S. Congress to speak about their experiences with food choices available to students in school cafeterias. The recipes for their meal will become a featured lunch that will be served in the Longworth Cafeteria for Congressional leaders and their staffs. The winning meal prepared by Ashley, Ivan, and Alex included lemon and spinach chicken, Tuscan bean salad, and cinnamon poached pear.

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