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Thursday 16th Food Donation to the Orange County Bar Foundation

Posted on 14 February 2012 by robertflournoy

This Thursday we will be Donating food to the Orange County Bar Foundation

once gain. This Orgnization is doing tremendous work in the Community

and we are glad to be able to help with Donations of Food. Here is some info on

the Organization..



Working together to promote positive youth development that ensures a safe and healthy community”


SHORTSTOPÒ is a unique juvenile crime diversion program developed in 1980 for juvenile offenders and their families. As a cost-effective alternative to prosecution, SHORTSTOP teaches the offenders to take responsibility for their actions through decision-making strategies designed to result in positive future choices. SHORTSTOP breaks the cycle that turns young people into repeat offenders by using three simple concepts: reach youth early; involve the parents; and use a graphic courtroom setting with legal professionals and actual prisoners.


*Consequences of criminal behavior

*Family communication/conflict resolution

*Accountability for actions

*Awareness of drugs, alcohol, gangs & victims

*Peer pressure

*Positive future choices

*Case Management & Counseling

*Value of freedom


Juvenile offenders, 11-17 and their parents participate in several sessions held at night in a courtroom where volunteer attorneys, legal professionals and wards from theYouthGuidanceCenter dramatically present the “legal facts of life”. SHORTSTOP teaches:






Contact: Robert Diaz ext. 114-Sliding Scale




Programa SHORTSTOPÒ was developed as both a language and cultural adaptation of SHORTSTOP, in response to the changing demographics inOrangeCounty. Programa SHORTSTOP also offers monolingual Latino parents additional information on educational motivation, drug/alcohol education, and gang awareness. Bilingual, bicultural legal professionals ensure a culturally competent program.

Contact: Robert Diaz ext. 114-Sliding Scale


Stop Short of Addiction Ò was developed in 1999 in response to the rising specter of youthful drug crime in Orange County. Stop Short of Addiction is an intensive drug alcohol intervention program designed to specifically address the needs of first-time juvenile offenders who are in the early stages of substance abuse.


Stop Short of Addiction diverts juvenile offenders as well as provides education to youth and parents on the legal aspects of drug related offenses and the negative life-style consequences of substance abuse.


*An understanding of addiction, its causes, and consequences

*Family communication and conflict resolution

*Understanding the laws pertaining to substance abuse

*Empowering families to access treatment services


*Accountability for their actions

*Accepting consequences for their behavior

*Skills to make better decisions

*Resistance to peer pressure

*Knowledge of the biological &        psychological affects of drugs/alcohol


The program stresses family involvement by making parental participation mandatory. Parents are made aware of their child’s drug use and acquire a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of drug use as it pertains to their child. Stop Short of Addiction focuses on:









Effective January 1, 2004 the Hispanic cultural adaptation (culturally competent Spanish language version) was made available. The Spanish version of Stop Short of Addiction provides up to 12 weeks of Family Therapy Services.


Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) is a structured, problem-focused, directive, and practical approach to the “treatment” of conduct problems, associations with antisocial peers, early drug use and the accompanying maladaptive family interactions (relations), all of which are recognized risk factors for substance abuse. BSFT is an evidence-based early intervention modality for indicated populations, developed at the Center for Family Studies in theUniversity ofMiami.  BSFT successfully reduces problems in Hispanic adolescent and strengthens their families.


  • Reductions in conduct and emotional problems
  • Improvements in self-concept


  • Reductions in conduct problems
  • Reductions in association with antisocial peers
  • Reductions in drug use


  • Improvements in maladaptive patterns of family interactions (family functioning)
  • Improved engagement into family therapy

Contact: Martha Veliz ext. 119-Sliding Scale


Reentry Therapy Services are offered through the following program:

Youth Transitional Intervention Program –provides Latino reentry youth with culturally relevant and language appropriate aftercare services that will extend substance abuse treatment, prevent recidivism, improve youth environments (family, school, work, and community), and provide access to pro-social activities and local resources.  This intensive aftercare program provides two evidence based models for individual and family services aimed at preventing recidivism and improving pro-social behaviors, school performance, and family bonding. These models include the Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (ACRA) and the Assertive Continuing Care (ACC) models from theCenter ofSubstance Abuse and Treatment.

The program includes:

  • Pre-release contact with youth while in custody to establish rapport and assess youth and families needs prior to release
  • 16-22 weeks  Post-Release BSFT family therapy and ACRA individual therapy with a bilingual/bicultural  MSW therapist
  • 16 weeks of Intensive ACC case management & referral services
  • Monthly  peer groups and field trips

Our therapists are registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as Associate Clinical Social Workers and are supervised by a Licensed Therapist. Our therapist’s are guided by the National Association of Social Work Code of Conduct.

Contact: Solomon Massin ext. 106- No cost



CHICAS con Fuerza is an after school program that provides life skills, mentoring, health education on HIV/AIDS, women’s health including pregnancy, and substance abuse. Most importantly, youth receive life and coping skills to prevent the risk of gang involvement, HIV contraction and substance use.  This program targets 11-13 years Latina girls from Sierra, Spurgeon, McFadden and Lathrop Intermediate schools only.  Contact: Evelyn Rios ext. 129-No cost


Madres Unidas

The Madres Unidas Program – combines the BSFT intervention with the Hermana Project to serveLatina mothers who have adolescent daughters. The program provides health education groups with risk reduction services combined with family counseling to improve family functioning. All elements of BSFT and Hermana are provided in a culturally competent manner.

Contact: Martha Madrid ext. 107-No Cost


The Hermana Project

The Hermana Project educating Latinas on HIV/AIDS. A HIV/AIDS Health Education program targeting young Latinas ages 15-25, who live in the city ofSanta Ana. The program includes:

  • Ethnic and Gender Pride
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • HIV/AIDS Health Education
  • Risk Reduction
  • Assertiveness Skills Training
  • Coping Skills
  • Support Group Sessions
  • Referrals for Free HIV/AIDS Testing
  • Behavioral Self-Management

Contact: Martha Madrid ext. 107-No Cost



Project SELF is a program to provide summer jobs for youth at local law firms. In partnership with the Association of Legal Administrators, Project SELF provides a positive work experience for high school juniors. For most students, this is their first time in a professional environment.

Contact: Nancy Garcia ext. 108-No cost


THE HIGHER EDUCATION MENTORING PROGRAM is a unique program, which targetsSanta Anahigh school girls ages 15-17, who are interested in entering college, but need assistance due to cultural and gender barriers and limited financial resources. The girls participate in mentoring activities that guide and assist the pursuit of higher education. Students at theUniversityofCalifornia Irvine,University of Southern California-Irvine Campus,CalStateLong Beachand Cal State Fullerton provide cultural mentoring.

Contact: Susana Espinoza ext. 100- No cost





Orange County Bar Foundation

313 North Birch Street

Santa Ana, Ca 92701

(714) 480-1925


Executive Director: Karen Ruan, Ext.101

Associate Director of Fund Development: Nancy Garcia, Ext. 108

Associate Director of Educational Services:  Martha Madrid, Ext. 107

Associate Director of Clinical Services: Nazly Restrepo, MSW, Ext. 102

* Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Orange County Bar Foundation does not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age.


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