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900 lbs Of Tomatoes Gleaned On Saturday 30th…

Posted on 01 August 2016 by robertflournoy

¬†Farming”If You’re Not Dirty Someone’s Going Hungry”


tomatoe 3

Beautiful red,green and orange tomatoes were gleaned on Saturday at The Original Manassero

Farms tomato field located in Irvine on Jeffrey and Irvine Valley at Irvine Valley College.

18 rolls were donated to Loaves and Fishes x10 to help fight hunger. Different varieties

were in the tomato filed including Red Heirloom, Amana Orange Heirlooms and many


tomatoe 4

Alex Tran seen above with these great looking tomatoes is one of Loaves and Fishes x10

greatest volunteers. Alex continues to come out and support the gleaning projects and

brings volunteers as well. He is one of the ones that we can count on to show up and

get dirty in the fields.

tomatoe 2

The tomatoes gleaned on Saturday were picked specifically for Bruno Serato

founder of Caterina’s Club an organization that feeds pasta to over 1,800 kids every

night five days a week. The president of Loaves and Fishes x10 made it his mission

to make sure that Bruno received as many crates as possible that Saturday so that

he could have fresh tomatoes for his sauce.

tomatoe 1

22 crates of tomatoes was donated to Caterina’s Club that Saturday Afternoon. These

farm fresh tomatoes picked by volunteers and the president were amazing in size and



Gleaning Corn… 1,867 views

video 2


Pics Of The Corn Gleaning…

Pics Of The Corn Gleaning…

Pics Of The Corn Gleaning…


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